March 24th, 2011 by alliance
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Andrew Shearer shredding in 2010.

Video by Blain Leblanc

Andrew Shearer shredding in 2010.
Video by Blain Leblanc

18 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Andrew Shearer”

  1. unan Says:

    another robot

  2. steveP Says:

    his toeside approach looks wierd. nice ride and vid though!

  3. Hollaaaaa Says:

    Why does the video say that its 3:14 when it’s really only like 1:13?

  4. Andrew Shearer Says:

    Hey Unan this is Andrew Shearer your one of those haters thats sits at home and looks through all the videos finding stuff to hate on to make yourself feel better. Personally this is one of my old videos after I was having problems with my knee. Are you on the alliance website? Maybe you are maybe you aren’t. If you actually put your real name id know. How about you quit hating and go ride and have fun. Thats the reason I got into wakeboarding. And i’m grateful Alliance put this video up of me thanks guys. I will send some recent videos asap so this hater can quit hating. God Bless

  5. cPow Says:

    look at dat hawtie shred.. unan just has lil d sydrom..

  6. Jeff Seid Says:

    unan shut down, love to see the haters called out. Yeah i think his toeside looks a little odd because he has perfect form on it, definitely not used to seeing it like that, but not a bad thing at all. Nice ride bud!

  8. Robert Absher Says:

    Hey Andrew, you’ve got totally beat style, you can for sure film with me for my upcoming film. Wakeology would probably sign you too for that matter. Keep on with your awesome mobius’s. You remind me of Adkinson, have you been influenced by him, or maybe just the name? Way to log in and set the haters straight! You go girrrrrrlll!

  9. Eric Says:

    Maybe he’s talking about the knee braces on both knees, that’s sorta robot-like, so I guess randall harris is like part robot too

  10. Matt Chase Says:

    Sick Riding Andrew!
    i think the hater is referring to the knee braces..if not haters gonna hate.

  11. sk8 Says:

    sick tats brooo…. Absher is homo, no one likes wakeology

  12. unan Says:

    nah man you’re good for sure i’m just not feelin’ your style don’t take it the wrong way. I love riding too im just picky w/ style… chill

  13. Dylan Says:

    sick! that ts 7 was stomped!

    i would’ve liked to have seen some more grabs though.

  15. Devon Q Says:

    Did you hurt both knees or just one. Were you get that brace at? im coming off acl surgery and i get to ride in a month. Your a great inspriation dude.

  16. aaron brown Says:


  17. Hollaaaaa Says:

    ^^ HELL YEA!!!
    Andrew is shreding!!!
    Screw tha haters man keep doin what you do homie!!

  18. Wakeup Says:

    Weak…as in..ill…as in nice riding dude. robot referencing the music maybe?


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