April 16th, 2013 by Amateur Hour

My name is Antoni Van Der Wekken, 20 year of age, from holland, this is my 5th year of riding cable, start riding at Burnside Cable Park. Hope to move to the States soon! Thanks to my sponsors Sooruz Clothing and Slingshot Wakeboards.

7 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Antoni Van Der Wekken”

  2. Ricketts Says:

    he can zeach cable better than me

  3. Mr. Wonka Says:

    Seriously? The same two rails for an entire video and one kicker hit? C’mon guys.

  4. Erik Says:

    Mr.Wonka, if you look again he hits 6 different rails in the video, not 2, makes a big difference

  5. Alex Says:

    sweet man!

  6. Noel Rowan Says:

    Ha ha GET A HOBBY C*NT good video tony working and shredding hard out in Thailand as the video shows

  7. mike Says:

    good stuff, need to see some kicker hits though


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