August 16th, 2012 by Amateur Hour

Graeme Buress killing it at Wake Nation in this week Amateur Hour. Nice riding Graeme!

Graeme Buress killing it at Wake Nation in this week Amateur Hour. Nice riding Graeme!

17 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Graeme Burress”

  1. Sick Says:

    Can am’s win park rider of the year?

  2. dude Says:

    sweet riding, and park

  3. benj Says:

    best amateur hour ever

  4. ben Says:


  5. heyooo Says:

    Most pro riders suck compared to this guy. I wish the industry would leave room for up and comers like Graeme Burress. It’s a shame that companies continue to keep same riders on their teams as they had 10 years ago. Guys like Graeme should be replacing the old washed out “pro” riders who still do the same shit they have been doing for years. In with the new, out with the old.

  6. andy anderson Says:

    shit ive never even heard of this dude before…..

  7. overheard Says:


    i agree

  8. SaFtFiRsT Says:

    I don’t normally like watching cable/rail videos…but this kid rips. Great riding and really creative on all the features.

  9. pickles Says:

    ya graeme!! killin it out there bro. keep up the the stylish ways!

  10. Midwest Shades Says:

    amateur??!! haha y’all must not’ve watched the video!

    Graeme is a great kid with unlimited potential. Big things in this kids future!

  11. Jason Says:

    Those nollies were banger!

  12. roy Says:

    atta boy ham

  13. All Day Films Says:

    Killing it Graeme! Way to express yourself through your riding. The industry is in need of creativity like this and I hope many can learn from this video. Keep up the great work Graeme-bo!!!!

  14. adam silcio Says:

    DAAAAAAAAAAMMMMNNNNN. Best Am Hour video I’ve seen in a really long time

  15. dario Says:

    1.28 : sick

  16. Jeff Says:

    WHOA, this kid is sick. Watch your back Harley…

  17. randy Says:

    Sickest riding….. Definetly no amateur hour and no zeaching…. doooopee


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