March 23rd, 2014 by Amateur Hour

Jason Rich is 18 and rides at Ski Rixen, USA. He’s been riding for about 2 years now, also this past year was his first time competing in the triple crown stops.

6 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Jason Rich”

  1. bro Says:

    The only thing worse than this riding is the camera work..ouch. Cocky little bunch out there at rixen #prespin

  2. dudes Says:

    @ broThat wasnt all that bad..Its only an am hour cant expect it to be pro!

  3. Trent Cole Says:

    I used to compete against this kid. Cocky little shit, but he’s got skills. Progresses really quickly. He could be great some day.

  4. jake Says:

    @bro stfu

  5. Devon Says:

    He’s not that bad, but it sucks he is a douchbag. No one likes a douchbag…

  6. Craig McMorris Says:

    not a fan of this at all. sketchy style – you can tell he is trying to learn tricks way to fast. this makes everything look bad and completely out of control. take is back to the basics


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