January 31st, 2013 by Amateur Hour

Mike is an Orlando transplant from North Dakota. When he’s not selling trolling motors at Bass Pro you can be sure he’s on his wakeboard!

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8 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Mike Braaten”

  1. Bill Says:

    This is soooo gay… Horrible style but good edit

  2. John Haile Says:

    More like professional minutes

  3. bobby Says:

    Bill – you’re gay. I bet you can’t even pull some of the stuff mike does in this edit. Keep up the good work bro. I like the shane ltd on that union

  4. Kyle Says:

    Bill, you’re dumb. The kid is on amateur hour and rides for fun. It’s the middle of winter too. Get a life and stop hating on this guy. He rips! Pretty sick edit too..

  5. Tom F. Says:

    This is an amazing edit and the dude has amazing style. Both of you guys are defiantly going to go places.

  6. erich Says:

    Dumb ass comments from Bill, fuck him, this edit was dope and the riding was sick as hell!

  7. Brad Mason Says:

    i dont know much but that did not look fun man

  8. bunny Says:

    Sick riding and sick edit!!! Makes me very proud to be his mom!!


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