April 26th, 2012 by Amateur Hour

12 year old Pedro Caldas Machado killing it in brazil!

12 year old Pedro Caldas Machado killing it in brazil!

10 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Pedro Caldas Machado”

  1. David Farr Says:

    WTF was that? A 12 year old masturbating to some porn at the end? The only word I understood from this kid was “Harley Clifford” lets get some subtitles.

  2. Travus Says:

    This kid is an effin perv

  3. Gustavo Says:

    At the beginning he was introducing himself saying hello my name is pedro machado and i lov wakeboarding and at the end he said that he pretends to go to all championshps here in Brazil and one day maybe beats Harley Clifford!

  4. sabian Says:

    this is the worse video ive ever seen on here and the song sucked

  5. Paranhos Says:

    Kid is ripping!!! Keep it up Pedrinho!!!

  6. waker Says:

    sabian you are an idiot. the video is good and the kid will be an amazing rider for sure.

  7. dario Says:

    muito bom seu style Pedrinho, o bs 360 (2:22) demais!..parabens garoto!!

  8. john Says:

    Travus, if you didn’t liked woman when you were 12 you are gay. nuff said

  9. pedro Says:

    my name is Pedro the boy off the video, thanks for ho say god thinks about the video and fuck your self ho say bad thinks, in some months i”m gone make another video landing dun dun, blind 540, switch 720, and maybe a ts 900

  10. Boito Says:

    i really like his style…
    hope to see your next video soon


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