Did you know that Nasa had never launched a spacecraft on July 4th until this year? I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate America than to launch the Discovery into space. What was even crazier was the number of non-U.S. citizens taking part in the holiday festivities over at Shawn Watson’s house. I can’t remember all of their names because I haven’t been on the scene for a while, but there were numerous countries represented. Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany just to name a few. Canadian Rusty Malinoski seemed to enjoy the holiday the most. He had the party going, throwing hockey pucks around and commanding everyone to take at least one beer bong while jumping into the pool. I mean who knew all these people wanted to celebrate the birth of the nation with us? I’d say any excuse to BBQ, drink and light off explosives would appeal to anyone. After 20 12-packs, $500 in fireworks, and one visit from da’ police we called it a night. Happy Belated 4th everyone, and remember to stay true to your colors, whatever they are.