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With the lifestyle of our activity being socially rooted in a water environment, Quiksilver and Axis Wake Research have realized this common ground and partnered together to better reach the enthusiasts of our sport.

Quiksilver is committed to providing tools for uncovering, expressing and expanding every rider’s personal style. Their aim is to foster a sense of individual expression and excitement and with the A22 being Quiksilver’s wake boat of choice, the two brands will be bringing their vibe and the Randall to a lake near you next season.

“I’m super hyped on the partnership between Quiksilver and Axis. Quiksilver being one of the biggest boardsport companies, we were looking to partner up with a boat company with the best value and best wake. Axis was that company. We also share one of the top athletes in wakeboarding, Vandall. This made the marriage of the two companies seamless”.

–   Blake Choate – Quiksilver Wake Team Manager

“We’re stoked to see these two brands come together and honored to be the conduit. The A22 is one of the best performing values in the wake boat market and with Quiksilver’s reach and brand history, this partnership offers both companies an amazing way to spread each of their messages. And at the center, is Randall”.

– Corey Marotta – Alliance MultiMedia

Axis Wake Research