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The Pond Party was a perfect way to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Backyard Rail Park. They wanted to have an event that was as much about having fun off the water, as it was on the water. A bunch of friends and riders came to enjoy the festivities. Overall it was a blast and they can’t wait for next year.

Backyard Rail Park, Hyperlite Wakeboards, Rukus
Riders: Ben Allbright, Murda, Mitch Cobb, Josh Norman, Taylor Renfroe, Jeremy Baker, Brent Frayser, Clark Dudley, Matt Clendenin, Austin Price, Cody Walker
Shots by: Sam McCalister, Matt Clendenin, Ross Overstreet, Clark Dudley, Austin Price, Murda

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7 Responses to “Backyard Rail Park”

  2. dave Says:

    You are held as the leading publication and site for wakeboarding in the WORLD and you are posting a whole lot of garbage. This is the beginning of the end of Alliance.

  3. Mark Says:

    As the leading publication and site for wakeboarding in the WORLD, I am glad to see that they keep an eye on the underground and what is going on outside of the limelight and the marketing. Without them taking this responsibility we would quickly get burned out on seeing the same faces in the sport. This looks like it was a great time, thanks for posting!

  4. joe Says:

    Ignore Dave. Wakeboarding is about having fun with your friends and progressing. Looks like a great time. Get out of here with your shit comments, Dave.

  5. Caleb Fauntleroy aka murda Says:

    the only garbage on alliance is all the haters cutting down other riders.

  6. Chris Says:

    I agree with Caleb and Joe, looks like such a fun time.. these guys just made a 10 min edit riding behind a four wheeler. Someone get these guys a cable!

  7. James Says:

    I think this is awesome! I wish ERC would sponsor these guys and give them a cable. They could be a another shredtown but have different things.


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