May 2nd, 2012 by Patrick Wieland

After Randall won the Alliance Less Than Five contest, I asked him he wanted to take one more set before dark. He had already rode twice that day. I never get the opportunity to shoot with Randall since he lives on the West Coast so we had to go for it. The sun was almost set but there was still some rays of light sneaking through. Randall made use of the cards we were dealt and laid it down for us. Every time I shoot with Randall its like the first time, its like whole another sport.

11 Responses to “Before Sunset With Randall Harris”

  1. ... Says:

    wow… such sick riding

  2. eagle Says:

    Randy still throwin down after all these years… his blind 180’s are insane

  3. parxxx Says:


  4. dude Says:


  5. matt Says:

    yeah!!!! Randall was blessed with Steeze!

  6. wakeboardSTL Says:

    Not a single invert and spinning to win = DOPENESS. Style for miles.. that switch (may be regular for him) toe 270 to method is the coolest trick in wakeboarding now and probably forever.

  7. Scott Stewart Says:


  8. TBRL Says:

    Sick riding.

  9. Danny Fox Says:


    RESPECT! \|/

  10. Rodrigo Donoso Says:

    If that doesn’t make you wanna ride in the back seat of caddy and chop it between you and I… well then not much will.

  11. Gould Says:

    keepen it raw. poked wrapped indy heel 3 ender


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