Andrew Adams photographed by Bryan Soderlind from the 2012 Photo Annual Issue.


Words by Andrew Adams:

“We have always wanted to go on a winch trip through the Midwest and earlier this year we finally found the time to make it happen.  We first hit up Oklahoma City but didn’t have much luck so we kept heading north to Kansas City. I had a few spots mapped out on my phone from Google Maps and one of the last spot we rolled up on was this spot that got printed in the Photo Annual.


We showed up to the spot thinking we could gap down the entire stairset but it ended up being about 30 feet tall and only a couple inches of water at the bottom. We sat down and stared at the spot for a bit just thinking how sick the whole scene looked. It seriously looked like an old Mayan temple overgrown with moss hidden down in this canyon. I knew we had to get something from this spot so after I looked at it for a while I realized each ledge had about an inch of water on top so why not hit the spot going sideways and drop off one of the ledges.


Everything ended up working perfect on it and we got some video clips logged so we ended up being super stoked on the spot and the scenery in the shots. We didn’t have a photographer at the time and knew we could potentially get a really good photo out of the spot so we called up Bryan Soderlind and he was stoked to fly out and shoot it.


Two weeks later Bryan Soderlind showed up in Shredtown and we hit the road to shoot all the spots we had found on the previous trip. Bryan was stoked because this spot was pretty hidden from main roads and we could stay there the whole day till we knew we had something good. I probably hit the spot about 10 times and Bryan killed it on every hit so we knew we had something good and called it a day. Overall, the trip with Bear was a success and we ended up getting this spread and the cover of the Photo Annual out of this one trip.


Always stoked for the love Alliance! Thank you!”