2012 covers

With 2012 coming to a close we figured it’s a good time to look back and let you guys decide which cover takes the top honors of the year. For us at the magazine, picking a photo for the cover can at times be extremely difficult and at other times extremely easy. There will either be lots of debate and going back and forth between a number of photos, or one photo will come along and slap us all in the face as an obvious choice. Shooting for a cover, on the other hand, is never easy. A lot of time, energy, effort, planning and a little luck are required from the rider, the photographer, and often times the people helping: boat drivers, chase boat drivers, lighting assistants, etc. to make it happen. 2012 was a solid year in terms of covers for Alliance. We pride ourselves on providing you, the readers, with the most unique shots throughout the year on the front of each issue of the magazine. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in the world of magazines that rule doesn’t exactly apply. So we’d like you to take a moment and judge the eight covers that were released in the 2012 Alliance publishing year. Cast your vote and let’s see which cover comes out on top.

Issue 12.1 - Reed Hansenphoto: Jason Lee

Issue 12.1 – Reed Hansen
photo: Chris Garrison


Issue 12.2 - Bob SichelPhoto: Garrett Cortese

Issue 12.2 – Bob Sichel
Photo: Garrett Cortese


Issue 12.3 - Dieter HumpschPhoto: Jason Lee

Issue 12.3 – Dieter Humpsch
Photo: Chris Garrison


Issue 12.4 - Raph DeromePhoto: Garrett Cortese

Issue 12.4 – Raph Derome
Photo: Garrett Cortese


Issue 12.5 - Oli DeromePhoto: Chris Garrison

Issue 12.5 – Oli Derome
Photo: Chris Garrison


Issue 12.6 - Hotel HennyPhotos: Jason Lee, Garrett Cortese, Bryan Soderlind, Spencer Smith

Issue 12.6 – Hotel Henny
Photos: Jason Lee, Garrett Cortese, Bryan Soderlind, Spencer Smith


Issue 12.7 - Jeff LangleyPhoto: Jason Lee

Issue 12.7 – Jeff Langley
Photo: Jason Lee


Issue 12.8 - Shota TezukaPhoto: Spencer Smith

Issue 12.8 – Shota Tezuka
Photo: Spencer Smith


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