Josh getting down at Battle Falls

Josh getting down at Battle Falls
pic: Garrett Cortese

Thing about wakeskating regularly with Reed Hansen:
Best:  He’s always progressing and landing new ticks
Worst: He always beats me in a game of S.K.A.T.E

Favorite board from Remote’s New Radical Series:
Best: They’re all amazing!
Worst: None

Trick you’ve witnessed at Battle Falls:
Best: Ben’s boneless!!
Worst: hmm

Thing about living in Groveland:
Best: Freedom
Worst: The city’s skatepark

Activity at Hotel Henny:
Best: Hot laps!
Worst: When nobody’s home

Best: Orange Blossom
Worst: Pollution

Thing about being on the Remote “Almost Heroes” cross-country trip:
Best: Hitting sweet spots with the best crew
Worst: Getting hurt

Recent trend in wakeskating:
Best: Rider owned companies
Worst: Finger wakeskates… haha

Way to get from here to there:
Best: Skateboarding
Worst: Running

Best: All of them
Worst: Haven’t had one yet

Internet website:
Best: &
Worst: ^plugs^

Board to ride other than a wakeskate:
Best: Skateboard
Worst: Boogie board

Way to catch a gator:
Best: Hands
Worst: Hook