April 17th, 2014 by Josh Palma



Thing about living in Orlando:

B: Breaking away from the harsh Missouri winters

W: Trying to find a smooth line to ride on a windy day


Time of day:

B: Right before dusk

W: When it is too dark to ride


Boat you’ve owned:

B: Nautique G23

W: 27 foot Baja


Trends in wake:

B: Team training facilities

W: Jean boardshorts


Fast food option:

B: Jimmy Johns “Freaky Fast”

W: Long John Silver’s


Feature at OWC:

B: Roof top rail

W: That dragon looking thing


Movie you’ve seen recently:

B: Emperor’s New Groove

W: Kronk’s New Groove


Tricks in wakeboarding right now:

B: Method glides

W: No complaints


Way to pass time on a long flight:

B: Talking to strangers

W: Being sick in the bathroom


Activity in the off-season:

B: Ping-Pong

W: Going to school


Place you’ve ever ridden:

B: Lake Ronix

W: Missouri River



2 Responses to “Best & Worst: Kirby Liesmann”

  1. John Dreiling Says:

    Yea Kirby!!! but you better not be hating on my jorts!!

  2. Matt Ostmeyer Says:

    Kirbs! So you don’t prefer swift moving mud water over a buttery water wonderland?


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