November 22nd, 2013 by alliance

Bob Soven has been named the 2013 Alliance Rider of the Year. Take a journey through Bob’s year to see why this award is well deserved.
Edit: Collin Harrington
Filmed: Collin Harrington and Spencer Norris

32 Responses to “Bob Soven – Alliance Wakeboard Magazine “2013 Rider of the Year””

  1. Trevor Says:

    Bob Soven is the man! Enough said.

  2. cant beat'em Says:

    Bob Soven makes Elvis Presley seem like he’s got Autism.

    If Chuck Norris wanted to be a real man, he’d change his name to Bob Soven Norris.

    ROTY is small fries to Bob Soven, think bigger. Think walks on water awards. (be ready this time my Jewish friends)

  3. Adam Fields Says:

    Great choice Alliance and congrats to Bob Soven! Well deserved, Bob. Keep up the great work.

  4. Justin H. Says:

    That Incline (Massive) to down ramp was pretty boss.

  5. Jojo Says:

    Bob is absolutely amazing, but as always, that’s an american boat rider who receives a wake title …

  6. kyle Says:

    yeah bob!!

  7. YoYo Says:

    I just got this list from the article on this site talking about the new issue. These are the past ROTY winners.
    2001 – Brian Grubb
    2002 – Parks Bonifay & Randall Harris
    2003 – Aaron Reed
    2004 – Chad Sharpe
    2005 – Ben Greenwood
    2006 – Danny Harf
    2007 – Randall Harris
    2008 – Danny Hampson
    2009 – Chris O’Shea
    2010 – Tom Fooshee
    2011 – Reed Hansen
    2012 – Raph Derome
    You’re right, there are a lot of boat riders in the group. And Americans, too. But Alliance is an American-based magazine and wakeboarding is still predominately an American-based sport. Over the years the riders having the most profound impact on the sports as a whole have been the Americans who are in the thick of things. I think we will start to see that change as the sport continues to grow, especially with cable parks. I think Alliance has actually been ahead of the curve on some things though – like giving ROTY to Fooshee in 2010. And if you look at the articles section on this site you’ll see the Female ROTY award this year just went to Ange Schriber – who last time I checked lived in Oz and rode cable. Also, Bob has done a lot the last couple years to become much more than just a “boat rider.”

    Congrats Bob and Ange! Well deserved and I’m stoked to see what’s in store for next year!

  8. JoJoiSahomO Says:

    Jojo, you’re kinda dumb…

    2004 – Chad Sharpe – Canada
    2007 – Randall Harris – Not of this earth
    2009 – Chris O’Shea – Australia
    2012 – Raph Derome – Canada

  9. Sim Says:

    That video made me smile a lot.
    Congrats Ange & Bob, great winners again this year

  10. BenJ Says:

    Who else is in that last clip at Hexagon?

  11. chad Says:

    well deserved Bob.

    Not sure what jojo is talking about. The last American boat wakeboarder to be named Alliance’s ROTY was Randall back in -07. Bob is an all around rider too…

  12. T-dog Says:

    Well deserved Bob. Great video Alliance.

  13. novapull Says:

    HS 720 into the flats at 1:50 looks picture perfect, loved the super stoped landing!

  14. David Di Donato Says:

    The ending makes everything else in the video just that much better

  15. Mike Ennen Says:

    Congrats Beer Bong BoB!!

  16. Jojo Says:

    I don’t talk only about transworld’s ROTY, but also wake awards for exemple. Just if you look at the Trick of the year nominees there are almost no europeans, and in other categories you don’t see cable riders very often (even if it’s changing more and more).

    And all the ROTY riders that you’ve cited ride in USA almost all the year, so …

  17. Andrew Masi Says:

    Jojo, Seeing as we are on alliance’s ROTY….

    all of the contests or awards that you are talking about are based on riders submitting clips. Also I am sure there are some people here on the internet that will shortly give you a break down of how many international tricks there were. I am sure the Hoppe brothers had like 5 tricks in there themselves.

    And guess what, the United States has florida and texas, and they still are seeing days in the 80’s coming up on december. might be a reason that guys from europe come here when its probably freezing over there.

    and Thailand and the Phillipines are producing amazing talent. but hey those are just my 2 cents

  18. Elliott Says:

    Much respect Bob! Keep it up.

  19. Rasmus Hed Says:

    This Jojo dude is talking about the ROTY like it is the official title for a world champion or something. It’s a magazines own judgement of who they thing is supergood, nothing else.

    It’s like when Silas Baxter Neal became Thrashers: Skater of the Year. He didn’t even produce a part or won any competition that year, Thrasher just thought he was cool basically.

    But don’t get me wrong, Soven is a well deserved ROTY, but the title says pretty much nothing about the wakeworld outside US/Canada

  20. Turbo Says:

    Bob is the man. Sick up rail! Keep killing it no matter the pull! Hope to see you soon.


  21. Hulihee Says:

    Sick edit. Nice year recap! Well deserved. Love the magazine shots!!!

  22. Sweet! Says:

    Yes! Congratulations Bobby Tadpole! Way to put in work!

  23. ttr Says:

    Jojo… sorry but the americans rule wakeboarding… If a foreigner deserved it, that foreigner would win it. Plain and simple.

  24. The joe jones Says:

    JoJo. Your names is to close to mine. STFU!!!!
    Well deserved Bob

  25. Adam Fields Says:

    It’s probably about more than just being super good.. It’s also about who is out there working and busting their butt all year to be at events and help grow/influence the sport of wakeboarding.

    Bob shows he can do anything on the water, plus be a hard worker off the water, a kind superstar to fans, and a smart athlete for sponsors!

  26. 3rdCoast Says:

    Absolutely deserves it. Dude kills it on and off the water.

  27. dudeman Says:

    Yea, he wins. So much danger in those last hits. So much danger.

  28. WVU mountaineer Says:

    mazel tov bob

  29. Bruiser Says:

    Regardless as to whether or not he received anything at the wake awards, Bob has definitely stepped into his own. He has made an effort to go beyond the call of duty to transcend the token “wakeboarder” stigma and become a true ambassador of the sport. My pursuits in life have afforded me the ability to come in contact with many members of the professional wakeboarding community, unfortunately not Bob (yet). Regardless, seeing his works, there is no better example of what a wakeboarder leading the industry should be.

    Keep up the great work Bob!

  30. wakeboarder Says:

    awesome vid! incline to landing ramp stuff was so sick. Love to see bob do street stuff

  31. Caleb Fauntleroy aka murda Says:

    Yea Bob!! America!! Fuck yea!!

  32. parks Says:

    Well deserved bob!!!! you the man!!!!


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