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Brothers Benjamin Hoppe, Mattias Hoppe and Jeremia Hoppe take things to a new level yet again with their release of one shot. Better grab a napkin to wipe away the drool after this one…

35 Responses to “Breddas: One Shot.”

  1. chris Says:

    va så god, så jävla bra

  2. Erik Nilsson Says:

    This is absolutely mindblowing! Out of this world!

  3. Nick Says:

    The sickest thing to happen to Wakeboard! U guys rock!

  4. Kyle Says:

    most progressive riding I’ve ever seen despite the rope being Indian lineish and the tower higher than normal

  5. sharktank Says:

    These tricks have to be taken with a grain of salt. Obviously not comparable to normal cable riding. Still, great video. So creative!

  6. der Says:

    all the flippy twisty tricks look like shit…

  7. Rasmus Says:

    Wow, incredible that people talks so much fucking shit! Last time Breddas did a movie they basically took all the tricks the did and brought it to the contests and did them on fullsize cables. This is just like a month in Thailand, you haven’t seen anything yet..

    And Bill, I couldn’t find your super legit wakevids, maybe you could post them and show us how its done?

  8. Chris Dunkley Says:

    Why does everyone always hate…jealousy and hatred go hand in hand…yes it is obviously easier to do these tricks on a shorter line with a higher cable…but if you think about you can knock people like Harley Clifford and Mike Dowdy and say they have too much weight in their G23 or X stars and that the line needs to be longer and its not true wake to wake doubles because they are using a ridiculous wake producing machine…What I would say is Indian Line or not 99.9% of people in the world could not do these tricks no matter what aids you gave them…it is progressive and will help push other riders to try similar tricks perhaps on a height cable with longer lines…Hoppe brothers I guess you will have to put out another video on a “regular” cable and do you double mobes and double fronts to fakie and rewinds and whirly variations because we have a lot of haters in this world…I will let you know straight up, that I appreciate it.

  9. Chris Dunkley Says:

    Oh and great music…just downloaded 2 of the tracks to go snowboarding to today! ;)

  10. Jake Says:

    thoose who actually know anything about the sport knows that handlepass and rewinds are easier on a low cable with longer line, and they got handlepass in almost every single god damn trick god damnit, but then again, haters makes the world go around, so welcome mothafukkers be my guest!

  11. nothingnew Says:

    I really hope wakeboarding is not headed this direction.

  12. Rick.J Says:

    Why not, becuz you suck too much to ever land any of thoose tricks urself? yep thats why.. I loved it and it made me wanna push my own riding to a new level, say what you want you can’t deny it was some of the best trix ever landed on a wakeboard, period!

  13. what Says:


  14. Blake Steele Says:

    Haters gonna hate, breddas gonna shred!

  15. S. Murray Says:

    sorry fellas didnt watch it till the end ! good and bad in this vid but i just tought the editing was poor in creativity. Double mobe = cool . Zeaching and spintowin are still painfull to watch if you are a style lover. Indeed this video show progression , but also show regression in the way of legitnesss : 90 landings , face touching water while landing , pre-spin , spin to win on boxes , very shy presses or no press at all , unlegit grab or even no grab at all !! But they say dont hate the players , hate the game ! So maybe its time to burn those enormously huge box (or dancing floor ) that every cable park got and maybe try obstacles more based on technicality and difficulty and not on spinability. Sure some might not agree with me but who care.

  16. dustfarter Says:

    You hate on stuff cause you suck and you know it.
    That was the most progressive shit I’ve seen and the sport needs to go in this direction to compete with other action sports.
    There once was a time when a backroll and a raley got you a video part. The sports has obviously progressed so don’t hate on it when it gets to a level that you can never attain……..I’m already there as an old fart and I’m loving the new direction.

  17. Joe Shipka Says:

    Breddas have always been the only cable videos I can’t keep my eyes off. Towards the end it shows how essential double flips are gonna be, which changes the wakeboard game completely. Props to these guys for being the most innovational crew i’ve seen in a long time. I haven’t found a video this entertaining since Raph.

  18. Justin H Says:

    I like big BS 180s into the flats and everthing else is lame.

    …JK that was insane. Worth the wait.

  19. brah Says:

    All these haters should be thrown in the garbage and I sure hope Bill Doyle is not out of prison.

  20. nini Says:

    Rad video! Not a single lame or weak trick through the whole vid!!

  21. Alex Says:

    I just love haters who hide behind an alias dreaming of landing 1% of the tricks these guys are pulling of… Instead of hating start riding and transform the hate into creativity like the 3 brothers.. Envy is not pretty. This video is insanely inspiring! Looking forward to see you guys pull this of live!

  22. Sim Says:

    A good insight to the future, and some heavy tricks for sure. Good skills.
    Only criticism, I wish they would have held off on using some clips until the landings were solid. You can’t drag out off your back and claim to have landed a trick. Give it a few months and i’m sure those tricks will be legitimate.

  23. Add Says:

    Great edit and amazing riding. Arguments about equipment make you all sound like trick skiers … Pussies. On a side note, this comment section is hilarious. I can’t tell if you are all Swedish, or if your english is just that bad.

  24. sickbro Says:

    I love the haters, everyone can make their riding look better and constructive criticism helps, just ask Raph. Why should we be swinging from these guys nuts just because they added a spin or flip. Many grabs were not locked in and poorly placed. There were a few good moves in there for sure, but wakeboarders as a whole need to up there standards.

  25. j hizzle Says:

    I’ve been around this sport for over 10 years and I don’t remember seeing a video with more tricks I’ve never seen and a puppy that cute. A lot of progression.

    If you don’t like this, you’re confused. It’s probably because you aren’t happy with your personal life.

    Sim, I disagree with, “Only criticism, I wish they would have held off on using some clips until the landings were solid.” One of my favorite things is somebody’s first attempt at a new trick. On the boat, I get more stoked about that than when it’s actually landed.

  26. mr minister Says:

    I’ve been riding high cable to and what i do know is, riding a high cable doesn’t make anything easier. Just that the landings are more soft. Try your self. The way i see it is, 2.0 is probably the future in this sport so let’s follow the leaders Breddas.

  27. hmm Says:

    I didn’t have the patience for 14 minutes.

  28. randy layhee Says:

    Pretty cool riding !!! Regardless of indian line v. full cable v. boat, these guys are definitely doing some stuff nobody’s done before. I’m sure this video alone will spark some new trick ideas for lot of riders out there, no matter their preferred means of tow. Good job guys, making your mark for sure. Stay limber BREDDAAASSSSS

  29. cactusjib Says:

    flipidy, flopidy, twistin mctwistidy tricks being thrown down there. i’m a little dizzy. I really hate watching cable. Looks fun though.

  30. pete Says:

    Can I know what the name off your trick ? We can know if its backmobe or holey or whirlybird! That wack

  31. Scott Says:

    Once again, a good video showcasing great riding and friends having fun doing what they’re passionate about! How can you speak negatively about that?? Most of you need to go to college, or maybe even just focus on finishing high school, so you can learn how to write and speak in an intelligent manner.

  32. rayfink Says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the high tower, it makes sense off those kickers to get as much air as possible and l wunt mind seeing shit like that in pro contests. Don’t we want to get as high as possible? but l would like to nit pick sum of those grabs, great F’in edit though

  33. marc Says:

    breddas are really good wakeboarder our first video was better but i think they will continue too push wakeboarding

  34. Charlton Says:

    Livin’ the dream boys, AWESOME vid!!!

  35. austin Says:

    too bad they came to the local cable park here in texas and threw down all this shit…behind a normal cable with locals riding as well as beginners…no special, out of the ordinary anything…


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