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Brenton Priestley (BP) has quickly become one of the most progressive free riders out there. His style is unlike anything we have seen, so when Scott “Butch” Bouchard had the opportunity to create a new signature shape for him, the Byerly crew knew it would be something special.

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17 Responses to “Brenton Priestley and the 2014 Byerly BP”

  1. cactusjib Says:

    Please no more shots at cable parks. It all looks the same!!! Its painful to watch.

  2. Kyle Woehler Says:

    Yeah, cuz shots of people riding the wake are so different. Alliance needs a comment moderator so you can delete all the idiotic comments on these vids, or make everyone use their real names may help. In any case, good work BP, and congrats on the pro model!

  3. ok Says:

    Cable parks have to change their line up more often , every snowpark got park rangers who work everyday to keep the park fresh and every year they try something new to make their sport progress. Cable park should invest more in new features and try to buy or build something different than just the same UNIT features every park got. Should be a duty for every owner ! but a guess the mentality of wakeboarding in not there yet. Sick riding BP ! the wall ride was gnarly

  4. Kyle Woehler Says:

    Go manage a park, and see if you still have the same mentality. Wake parks don’t make the type of money that snow resorts do, so all those rangers at a snow park is usually 1 or 2 guys at a wake park. Most can’t afford all unit structures, moving a rail isn’t as easy as you think, and no matter what you do people still bitch…

  5. dmnd Says:

    That BEAT is what’s up. BP deck looked good! Congrats!

  6. OK Says:

    Ok interesting comments kyle , but the mentality i was talking about you kinda have it. Dont want to be mean im sure you are a good dude but your facts are not relevant. It does not cost 50 000 to build sick features . No need for those giant floating 80 feet boxes anymore . you can upgrade existing features by adding real metal rail or use old feature material to build new ones. moving what you call a rail ( who is clearly a box or ledge ) is not as difficult as you say ive done it many time it just take time and motivation.

    They are new company who build features like Rad Rails from California and Boardparks from Canada . It looks like they do custom features so any Cable Park are allowed to be creative and order smaller more technical stuff that doesnt cost hundred thousand of dollars. Progression start at the park and im sure many peoples agree. Cable Parks MUST step up their game EVERY years.

  7. Jeff Mathis Says:

    hahahahaha “no matter what you do, people still bitch”….spot on!

  8. boomsmack Says:

    I agree there is a lot of rails that look the same and im tired of seeing the same old 360s onto and off of rails, its boring, I would like to see more flips and maybe even some sort of glide on to a rail.

  9. lol Says:

    ya boomsmack ! that would be so sick! and also spinning some 1080 across 5 foot wide flatboxes and more whirly transfer variations.

  10. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    Sick BP!

    really solid riding, with steeze!

  11. rayfink Says:

    I just don’t think dub fit’s BP’s style at all. I mean i wuld luv to run into the dude at a rave or sumthing, but these dance beats are getting old. Back in 2011 i thought everyone was being ironic,now it makes me want to vomit

  12. Yankmeister Winch Says:

    Board looks sick, and the video was put together well.

    Australia says… “Brenton come back!”

  13. colby m Says:

    I can’t tell you how much Kyle understands cable parks compared to those two kooks. Come to my cable and build your own structures and float them yourself. Cause we sure as hell don’t have the man power and time. We work very hard on our structures and I think many will agree that they are pretty choice.

  14. colby m Says:

    In other news, congrats Brenton on the new model! Unique and stylish riding-you deserve it!

  15. shredforces Says:

    yo that riding was so nasty! congrats man, that’s one of this coolest wakeboards ever created, nay, crafted. shred!

  16. ok Says:

    Sorry Colby so you said your park is perfect and you cant improve. Maybe you are not creative and talented enough.

  17. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    All park riding does not look the same, they are all wearing different hipster t-shirts…


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