Air Fanatic Trampolines offers wakeboarders and wake skaters a better way to train… every day, all year long.

For wake sports, trampolines have evolved from a popular way to practice off-the-water, to a near necessity for anyone serious about wakeboard or wake skate training. They provide a convenient, inexpensive way to get more repetition on aerial maneuvers, plus they’re a great workout, too. “The key to learning new moves and developing air awareness is repetition and muscle memory,” says Derek Seaman, owner of Orlando Wakeboard Academy, “and it’s hard to beat the amount of practice you can get in one session on a trampoline. We’ve been using them for our students for years.”

Yet no one has created a trampoline that’s designed for how wakeboarders and wake skaters actually use them – that is, until now. Air Fanatic of Orlando, FL introduces the new Wake Series, a trampoline that’s specially designed for wake sports training.

What makes their Wake Series unique is that it incorporates the added protection of a safety cage, yet is still open in the front to allow complete freedom of movement of the rope. Safety cages are important for all levels of wake sports – from advanced riders attempting difficult tricks to beginners just learning the basics. “The added confidence of being surrounded by the Air Fanatic’s cage allows all riders to train a little harder, without the fear of falling off the trampoline or into the springs,” says Seaman.

The Air Fanatic Wake Series tramp is a 16’ octagon, providing is ample room to perform all the tricks. Plus the octagonal shape combines the bounce quality of a rectangular tramp, with the space efficiency of a circle. It’s also designed to be far stronger than most – with a weight rating of 450 lbs., it’s double what standard trampolines offer.

“Trampolines eliminate much of the time and cost of training on the water,” claims Dave Young, owner of Air Fanatic. “Once it’s set up, it’s free to use. And you can be practicing in the time it takes to walk into your back yard. No boat, no lake, no driver needed.”

“But the challenge for wakeboarders has been choosing between the protection of a safety cage and the freedom of movement of an open design.” Young says. “Now they can have both – safety and usability in one package.”

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