Sept 8-11 Rider from all over the world will convene at McCormicks Cable Park in Tampa Florida for the Second Annual National Points Championship Event. Riders from ten different parks from across the United States have qualified for and registered for the main event. Pro Wakeboarders and Wakeskaters are still registering teams for one of the 16 spots available for the Structure Only Team Comp Saturday night! All in all there will be about 200 riders participating in this year’s event, making it by far the largest Cable Wakeboard event ever held in the United States.

The main event features riders in seven different categories that have qualified at their local park during a summer long five week series. Riders accumulated points by combining their top four out of five finishes in the local series. The top five riders overall earn a spot at the championships while the top three are also scored as part of the team event. This format, which was created for the inaugural event, allows competitors to compete individually but also accumulate points for their team. In the end both Individual and Team honors will be announced at the awards ceremony. The amazing growth of this event can be directly contributed to the support from each individual park working together to create something much larger. As cable parks pop up across the country this event will undoubtedly become the largest wakeboard tournament worldwide each and every year.

New for 2012 has unveiled a new structure only team format to include the numerous two tower parks popping up across the country. This event showcases teams of three wakeboarders and one wakeskater that will compete head to head with other teams in a Jam format that will put 8 riders on the water at one time. The best overall team will move forward to the next round. Teams are coming from Canada, Germany and Australia to compete against teams from full size and two tower parks here in the U.S. The structure only team event kicks off Saturday night at 7:30pm just after Surf Expo ends allowing some of the worlds best rail riders to participate. Already signed up are riders: Ollie & Raph Derome, Tom Fooshee, Gabe Lucas, Bret Little, Andy Kolb, Steffan Vollert, Keith Holley and many more. McCormicks also has an extremely talented team that will obviously have home court advantage for this year’s event. The top 8 teams will be seeded and the next eight will be drawn randomly. Seven of the possible 16 teams are already filled so if you want to be part of the Points Championship this is the only way to still sign up. Entry fee for the entire team is $125 with prize money up for grabs for the final four teams. Contact Michael McCormick or Blake Hess if you would like to field a team for this year’s event.

McCormick’s Cable Park has been extremely busy preparing their site for the event. New additions to the park include a bridge from the far side of the lake back to starting dock and a huge deck and two level judges platform. FOX Sports will also be on hand Saturday and Sunday covering the event highlights condensing it down for a future broadcast. The event staff would like to thank the sponsors that are helping with this event: Nautique, Liquid Force, Slingshot, ProTec, Metro PCS and McCormicks Cable Park. If you are interested in partnering for the event please email (Blake Hess) or (Michael McCormick).

Attachments include:

1. Qualifying heats
2. Structure Only Bracket (Seeds will change as entries come in)
3. Team Scoring spots filled with Registered Riders
4. Schedule
5. Event Logo
6. Promo Card
7. Team Trophy Image
8. Word Document for Release

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