Things could not have started better tor the first H2O Wake Parade at the Gmunden Power

Station.  Perfect weather, full stands and hundreds of spectators on the opposite bank

created an unforgettable feeling.  While the dam’s power two turbines pumped out electricity

for 13000 households, the wakeboarders used a little to power their mobile Sesitec 2.0 cable.

They made wonders on the water with spectacular air tricks, slides and spins of the kicker.

The lineup of 16 riders from 14 countries and five continents was the first time specialists

from the disciplines cable, boat and obstacle appeared in 1 event.  The event’s innovative

format was designed to show riders’ strengths and challenges.  They competed face-to-face

in a knockout modus.  Each rider had 2.5 minutes to show his stuff in kicker, slider and air-

trick categories.  The best trick won each category.   A rule that a trick from round one could

not be repeated provided extra challenge.

Friday’s draw resulted in some interesting pair-ups.  Red Bull rider Dominik Hernler from

Austria, for example, got a real challenge against 13-year-old “Wunderkind” Daniel Grant of

Thailand – holder of three world titles in 2 disciplines (wakeboard and wakeskating).  Hernler,

a boat and obstacle specialist, had to muster all his skill to succeed on the cable.  In spite of

a spectacular S-bend to blind, his final score was one point behind Grant.

The double function of rider and organiser proved too much for local hero and organiser

Daniel Fetz.  He fell in his duel with Australian Matty Hasler who went from strength to

strength with every round.  His extremely high 720s impressed the judges and put him into

the grand final.

His opponent there was Munich Red Bull rider Dominik Gührs.  The European cable

champion showed nerves of steel and defeated even Daniel Grant in the semi-final.  His

double S blind with Indy Grab, above all, drove the last nails in his opponents’ coffins.  Matty

Hasler lead at the final but Gührs fought back and had the better tricks on his judges’


This event topped them all!“  Coming here was really exciting.  I really didn’t think I could win

with such a top lineup and just gave it all I have.”  an overjoyed Dominik Gührs said.

Daniel Grant found a further gear to take third place against the Hungarian Szebastztian


All in all, the Energie AG’s first  H2O Wake Parade was a full success.  The perfect weather

meant that hundreds of excited fans lined the banks of the Traun River.  The compact format

brought top action over 2.5 hours.  The invited riders also said it was one of the best events

of recent years.  The parade combined with the Corona Wakeboard Cup on the Esplanade

made Gmunden the Mecca for wakeboard fans.


Final Results H2O Wake Parade:

1. Dominik Gührs (GER)

2. Matty Hasler (AUS)

3. Daniel Grant (THAI)

4. Szebasztian Szolath (HUN)

5. Raphael Derome (CAN)

5. Alex Leat (SIN)

5. Marc Shuster (USA)

5. Kim Yong Il (KOR)

9. Devon Nassif (RZA)

9. Nikita Martyanov (RUS)

9. Dominik Hernler (AUT)

9. Rocco van Straten (NED)

9. Felix Schneider (GER)

9. Ben Hitch (GBR)

9. Daniel Fetz (AUT)

9. Robi Pokovec (SLO)

Key Information about the Location:

– power station type:  dam with turbines

– constructed 1966 – 1968

– water source:  Traun River

– complex:  concrete dam with three weirs and weir sluices

– waterfall height:  9,2 meters

– machine facilities:  2 Kaplan turbines (power generated:  11.6000 Kw)

– max. flow in turbines:  150.000 litres per second

– av. annual power generated:  48.1 million Kwh – 13.800 households

For further information: