The new website is up now with many new features!  Before going to the site though, please CLEAR YOUR INTERNET CACHE, COOKIES, TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES.  Then, type in the website name and let it load.  If it doesn’t load right, hit REFRESH.

A few more things coming to the site in the next days:

Diagram of ShadowBox OVERALL_FINAL

1. The above diagram will be added interactively to the site

2. The Send Your 3D Ride section will be turned on

3. A BUNCH of new windsurfing ride files from Brazil, including some huge jumps and wave rides will be posting to the Downloads page

For anyone that hasn’t tried out our 3D player ‘Ridetracker’, be sure to visit the Downloads page!  You’ll even see a sample ride there of me riding the a glacier above Timberline Lodge last week!  I’m thinking someone can easily beat the jump I recorded there… 😉

Plus…we’re almost done editing a new video, one that centers on kite boarding, and it will be posting sometime either this weekend or early next week.  There are many other videos to see on our Media page already.

Finally, for your chance to win a Shadow box, go here!