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6 years later the Byerly Brand stands strong with new innovations and ideas propelling them into the future. Find out what’s going on now at Byerly.

21 Responses to “The Byerly Brand Now”

  1. John Says:


  2. jhill Says:

    byerly (the man not the company) is riding pretty good! Rathy has raw talent- he could still be about the best ever if he wanted to.

    if my Slingshot wasn’t so much easier and more fun to ride than other stuff I’d buy a Byerly. Cool company. Good vid.

  3. hmm Says:

    How to make your company look awesome:

    – Hire P Wieland to make your video


  4. heh Says:

    Rider owned? Uncle Kent wakeboards?

  5. billy e Says:

    dude is a legend

  6. Steve Says:

    Awesome story and Awesome video!

  7. 69 Says:

    Hanging on for dear life. Don’t believe the hype, riding wackboards is a sure way to blow your knees, F Bob Archer, all he ever did was hold the sport back and get richer off doing so. He has bought some of the greatest riders and pioneers of our sport and killed the start ups every time. Boycott Kent Watersports. The Waterski Monopoly must end.

  8. iKnow Says:

    69 – you have NO idea what you are talking about.

  10. 69 Says:

    but does anyone else think it is kind of lame to claim to be a rider owned company, when hyperlite has been behind Byerly Boards since day one. Hyperlite, Liquidforce, cwb and o’brien are all basically the same company ran by different figure heads. Yes, Scott Byerly is a legend, but that doesn’t make his products any less crapier than the rest of Kents line up. Especially when the old Bylery Blunts are just as good as the boards they are putting out now. There is a reason why jhill wants to keep riding a slingshot and that is because it has superior technology and is simply more fun and forgiving to ride. I know Gator and Byerly rode better than most today on a Flight 69 but that doesn’t mean we should still be riding foam core boards.

  11. Wow Says:

    Slingshot boards are crap. It’s more “forgiving” to ride because every kook trying to look like a shred clown lands sideways and can sketch it out. Ride a real board and land tricks correctly

  12. 69 Says:

    And I bet a Real board means a board with lots of channels, grooves and fins, that is heavy, stiff and thick . Last time I checked it took more control to ride a board with nothing on the bottom of it.

  13. 69 Says:

    On a more positive note, I think the independent binding boot thing is a good way to go for park riding and winching. And that wake to wake frontside flip was amazing.

  14. REALLY Says:

    Wow, how cock-and-balls is 69 over Byerly considering the amount of times you’ve posted? You’re like the dude at prom that didn’t get invited to dance. If you really, really knew the’fuk you’re talking about (you don’t) you’d know the difference between being supported by and being owned by, which you clearly don’t. Bottom line, Scott and Butch own Byerly Boards, Archer does not. Such a bummer those guys have support…69 you fuk’tard moron.

  15. Bret Nowell Says:

    Loved the edit, Rode the jib yesterday and loved it, Byerly is doing some cool things, Good Job guys. Patrick, great job on that edit man. Loving it.

  17. Alicia Says:

    MUCH RESPECT. Great video! And anyone who has something negative to say about the BYERLY brand should have their mouth zippered shut and fingers cut off. Biggest influence in wake/skate to date.

  18. bill Says:

    a very educated thread. way to understand the world we live in. u should all start occupying wall street-

  19. jhill Says:

    “Wow” – the only person i’ve ever seen land sideways was Oli on a cable edit. he hit the kicker sideways and landed sideways. i don’t know, i thought it was pretty impressive.

    69 sounds like a democrat talking about boycotting this or that and being mad somebody made money… that’s cool though, i get the impression most wakers are repubs.

    bill, Rathy is a good rider I don’t care what you say bro

  20. Ryan J. Says:

    Patrick you are the king! keep killing it with these edits! This video got me stoked on Byerly boards. I may not ride them, but i definitely support them. Bret knows what he’s talking about… Great stuff!

  21. blake Says:

    cant believe i just read all that… good to see Rathy killin it! steezin behind the boat is what its’ all about


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