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Hello, fledgling comedians. We’re back with another caption contest and we’re hoping you can provide us with some laughs. Check out this photo of the Shredtown crew during one of their “Drop the Gun” adventures. Write a funny caption in the comments section below and you could win a killer prize pack from Shredtown – including a copy of “Drop the Gun” and a new pair of Slingshot Shredtown bindings. To improve your chances of winning write your caption under your Facebook account so we can track you down… Don’t have Facebook, then send your caption to mail@alliancewake.com! Get writing and get funny!


Photo: Bryan Soderlind 

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75 Responses to “Caption Contest – Shredtown!”

  1. Jason Wilbur Says:

    It was all fun and games until they tried to milk it…

  2. Tarek Richey Says:

    did we just become best friends?… yup!

  3. Rich Valha Says:

    $3.37 for gas, Shredtown boys can finally afford to fill the boat!

  4. Pro Shop Says:


  5. Don'tNeedBindings Says:

    Steers, Queers, and boat riding fears.

  6. David Hirsch Says:

    Shred that chain, that pipe, that grocery cart, shred this bull, and you’ll winch our heart!

  7. Boito Says:

    Really? Bull shit !!??

  8. Kirby Tatum Says:

    Here you can see Shredtown celebrating the transition from a 9 horsepower winch to this bull.

  9. Matthew Botros Says:

    The boys just found out they are not lactose intolerant!

  10. Kris Jaeckin Says:

    You can get a good look at a bull’s ass if you stick your head up there, but I’d rather take Shredtown’s word for it.

  11. Chase McCaughey Says:

    Wrong way Mr. bull!

  12. McKenzie Murri Says:

    (spartan scream) THIS… IS… SHREDTOWN!!!

  13. 3 dudes 1 bull Says:

    3 cable rats riding the back of a giant bull….. America // Yep, thats worth free bindings

  14. Pawel Bula Says:

    WakeBurgers for everyone!!! :)

  15. Ryan Petrie Says:

    Montar el toro, bro!

  16. matt prior Says:

    Beef its whats for dinner….

  17. Gle Combe Says:

    A full load of bullsh!T! ;) Now give my my bindings clown!

  19. Tony Duffy Says:

    It falls from the bone…it’s meat.

  20. Will Patterson Says:

    SLINGSHOT have done it- bindings of pure ADRENALINE!!

  21. Jannes Boonstra Says:

    The best way to get out of shred town is going out back!

  22. Preston Fox Says:

    There’s only one way to shred town. And It’s by wading through the bull.

  23. Dominik Richter Says:

    Shred Town are awesome bindings :) I love it

  24. Rodrigo Mb Says:

    It’s the bull’s way, or the highway.

  25. Brandon Scott Says:

    To the Milky Way and beyond! Right?! They must be full of BULLoney!

  26. James Jones Says:

    Shredtown! Are you along for the ride?

  27. Anthony Vecchione Says:

    Ain’t no bullshyt….. We shred it n never regret it

  29. Chet Berry Says:

    No bull, Drop the Gun is One Way to get hyped!

  30. Blake Ehlers Says:

    Three Bulls ( shredtown ) overheard that a new bull was going to join them on their quest of getting gnarly, shredding, and jibbing anything and everything possible near the water; along with the fact that somebody will have to lend some of their cows to the new guy. Nobody could come to an agreement of who would share their cows with the new bull, that is, until the trailer pulled up. This 5,400 pound new bull left shredtown bewildered. Chris Abadie didn’t hesitate to fork over his cows to the new guy, all he cared about was shredding. Davis Griffin quickly followed Chris in pursuit. Then they stopped and watched as Andrew Adams started snorting and stomping his hoofs. Finally he told the boys I just don’t want the new bull to think I am a cow.

  31. eminem Says:

    blood red like the bloodshed outta kurt cobains head when he shot himself dead

  32. chris m Says:

    Since when do Bears take pictures of Bulls???

  33. Oliver Munks Says:

    It was all fun and games until they tired to figure out how to milk it !?

  34. Francis-Olivier Jutras Says:

    Save a Bull.. Ride a winch!

  35. Sean Farren Says:

    You’ve heard of the whale! You’ve heard of the elephant! Well meet the shedtown bull slider!

  36. John Peter Kirkwood Says:

    Take a look at these 3 Mother Heffers!

  37. Ian Schnatterly Says:

    Holy hell… those gas prices

  38. Wendell Says:

    The Village People would be proud of the statement the boys are making in this photo…but I think they need to work on their letters and find a fourth.

  40. Jonas Raber Says:

    Save a wakeboard!! RIDE A BULL!!

  42. Dan Biser Says:

    This guy said if we could ride his bull for 8 seconds, we could winch his pond. We had no idea…

  43. Gary Damiano Says:


  44. Preston Lambrecht Says:

    Let’s take the bull by the horns and head the wrong way down a one way!

  45. Chan Rob Says:

    OH, You think your sport is tough….try riding on the big bad bull…

  46. Brian Herzog Says:

    Maybe if I stand still they’ll go away.

  47. Niko Octapus Prime Horning Says:

    “The new Shredtown Cattle-lac in action! *Note the aerodynamic undercarriage as well as the fierce look in it’s eyes! Shredtown means no bull.”

  48. Cody woodruff Says:

    They always have to make everything bigger in Texas.

  50. Alex Lauer Says:

    Just like Hercules, the Shredtown crew saved a town from a monstrous bull. Unlike Hercules, there were three of them, the bull was obviously fake, and Chris tore his gooch jumping off.

  51. Andy Olivero Says:

    How did we get up here???

  52. Kacper Drygala Says:

    You can definatly say that there was no bull about that story

  53. Alex Shillito Says:

    You wouldn’t “bull”eve the reaction when we said he needed to turn around because it’s a only a one way.

  54. Vincent Burger Says:

    There’s never enough Bull to mess with.

  55. Tamás Porczió Says:

    Beast suppled by Shredtown!

  56. ricky cataldo Says:

    I will take a steak

  57. Anko Scholtens Says:

    The one key element to be able to shred with shredtown? balls as big as you’re head! Bull…..you’re in!

  58. Diego Desmidt Says:

    Real american muscle!

  59. Chris Wandzilak Says:

    SlingShot Equipment are just like Boobs to me, and I Love Boobs!

  60. Benedict Tan Says:

    shredding through town on a bull, shooting slings off the bull’s horn!!! THIS IS THE WAY OF A SHREDTOWN BOY!!!

  61. Roshenac Mitchell Says:

    Just sizing it up. I recon I could ollie this

  62. Joyce Donker Says:

    Guy’s, i dont think you will be able to pick up any girls with a thing like that! <3

  63. Raine Malm Says:

    No cows were harmed physically or mentally during this Shredtown photoshoot. Save animals, beat up your bindings!

  64. Dylan Chance Says:

    “Just go cow tipping, they said. It’ll be easy, they said.”

  65. Maurice Aldenhoff Says:

    Only Chuck Norris has nicer Boots :)

  66. Luca Says:

    Straight outta Texas, these bro’s about to shralp a longhorn
    -Ice Cube

  67. Christopher Tuma Says:

    Wakeboarding takes no bull

  68. Danny Gavin Says:

    The boys yawning and stretching after a night of bull-dozing…

  69. filip Says:

    this Bulls is missing his balls :/ not very nice for a bull.

  70. Dan Rust Says:

    These guys look udderly ridiculous.

  71. robin Says:


  72. Chris Hardy Says:

    thank god! they are letting us take it to the ranch . time to get tricky

  73. Parker Bomar Says:

    “I think we could winch this”

  74. Chris Trabbold Says:

    After Drop the Gun, the Shredtown crew needed a new approach to going big… They decided the only way to do so, was to shrink themselves. At first the guys were having a great time, while indulging in bull climbing shenanigans with their buddy Pat on the scene. (see picture) However they quickly realized they made a huge mistake when they saw their girlfriends later that night.

  75. Michał Wachstiel Says:



    Shredbull – it gives you style


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