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Where did the idea for the movie come from?
It was a concept I’ve wanted to do for a while now. As most people that know me, I am a big fan of film and most things analog related. So the idea that every rider will have their format will bring something new to the table, and hopefully making the movie somewhat timeless.

What riders will be featured in the film?
We have Felix Georgii, Dylan Miller, Nick Dorsey, Guenther Oka, And Raph Derome

What locations can we expect to see?
Well, we started off in Orlando, then traveled all over Australia. As for the future, there will be several trips throughout America; I’m also in the midst of planning one around Germany, Austria, and Denmark. Canada will also be a major destination; we will be up in Quebec and over on the west coast of British Columbia where I grew up as well.

When will the movie drop?
It’s lining up to drop in the spring of 2018. There will be some international premieres going on, so it will release on iTunes just after that.

Will there be any web series?
Yeah, so there will be an online series that follows the crew in our travels, and hopefully sheds some light on how much time is spent looking for spots winching, as well as dedicating your time to get one shot behind the boat or the work that goes into building trick specific features at the park.

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