January 30th, 2013 by alliance

We catch up with Phil as he hits OWC and then rushes home to sneak in a photo shoot with Garrett Cortese before Sunset.

14 Responses to “Catching Up With Phil Soven: Part 2”

  1. don kking Says:

    when did phil get some style riding cable?

  2. j hill Says:

    dirtycoat, it was good for phil, you can’t deny that.

    donny, if you must know, he had an earpiece in and _________ (i can’t say the secret rider’s name) was telling him what tricks to do. he’s obviously spent enough time on a board that he should have some style. But, I don’t think anybody believes he’s creative enough to come up with some of those maneuvers.

    looks like he’s still getting used to it behind the boat. he’s not jumping very high compared to the younguns. maybe it was the camera angle.

  3. Yes! Says:

    I like Phil’s new image (in progess). He killed it.

  4. bro Says:

    nice! good songs, riding, and talking. these new “parts” makin me dig
    phil more. good stuff!

  5. Jimmy Says:

    I’m liking this new phil. He seems a lot more grounded and fun. Looking forward to seeing what he does with CTRL this year!

  6. Steve Says:

    Phil’s cable riding is on point!

  7. Woh Says:

    Let’s hear it for 1:15 as well as all of the Jack White lovin’. I’m excited for what Phil and CTRL have in store.

  8. Bob Says:

    Y u no do air tricks?

  9. GINGER SNAP Says:

    Bob > Phil

  10. joao Says:

    phil is not riding as high as he used riding for liquid

  11. z Says:

    Even if their was an earpiece he still killed it

  12. barret allen Says:

    sooo sick

  13. Jamie Graff Says:

    Stylish cable riding. Nice Phil!

  14. Justin Peterson Says:

    i can see CTRL selling alot of boards in the near future. i think they are going to take the wake world by storm just like Slingshot has


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