Part Wookie, part boy, part gal pal, part machine and 40% mayonnaise – this is Chase's make-up. We know what you're going to ask, how does he get around? He doesn't, he has his friends get it for him. Maybe if there are hot dogs on the grill or in the microwave then he'll get up and sample seven to 10 tasty dogs, but then collapse right on the spot and fall into a deep, peaceful nap. Chase likes ketchup packets, Chic-Fil-A sausage burritos and anyone else's food. His Alliance journey has been going strong since the start and for awhile, Alliance was the only magazine that Chase could get his photo in. Well, when Chase hung up his wake vest he started to film the wakers, buy iPods, make wake movies, fly electric airplanes, learn about our universe, study the speed of light and then finish wake movies. He would say he's a black belt in editing film and a fifth degree black belt in the art and the understanding of techno music. His heart is as big as our universe — that's big, Chase would say. Don't get confused, he has a good heart, it's healthy, but you would think from the amount of mayonnaise he puts on his ice cream it would be pumping a beat every four minutes. Okay, so what does Chase do for Alliance? He helps out.