They’re back. And they weren’t getting nose jobs or tummy tucks like I thought they were. They were actually getting better.

"They" is Parks Bonifay, Shane Bonifay and Danny Harf – home from their winter stint in California and on the water again. Garrett, Jeff McKee and I went out to Clermont a few days ago and watched all three of them ride. It was quite a sight to see after all this time, I think Jeff actually even had a few tears running and I was really excited. Garrett should be happy he was sitting behind me on the Waverunner and not in front.

So Club Rehab is no longer, they are back to pro waking. If you were thinking about becoming a pro just because you saw an opening lately, you might want to hang them back up again. Parks was doing flips without a wake! And Danny and Shane grabbed their boards and said "yeah!" It was effed up.

But, there was one rough patch — P.B. and Danny were both a little Rusty on their toeside backside 180's, whereas Shane and Jeff nailed them first time. Jeff wanted to write this story and call it "Better than the Best." Mr. Humble.