December 16th, 2010 by alliance

Collin Harrington’s full section from his film ‘Box of Fun’. Enjoy!

Collin Harrington’s full section from his film ‘Box of Fun’. Enjoy!

14 Responses to “Collin Harrington ‘Box of Fun’ Full Section”

  1. legit Says:

    A true waterman!

  2. Jeff Mathis Says:

    ^^ for real. i’d like to see what he can do on a snowboard, the only boardsport not in this section.

  3. collinharrington Says:

    I cant do that much. I’ve only snowboarded once on a small mountain with bad snow 10 years ago. I’ve rode at 3 indoor snowboard parks but that that doesnt count for much. I’d love to snowboard in good conditions though. Anyone got a house by a good mountain I can crash at sometime this winter?

  4. Elliott Dollar Says:

    Collin, that’s one of the best sections I’ve ever seen. A lot of variety all focused around the water. The editing is top quality but your ability to ride is what’s entertaining to watch.

    -Durty front 270 on to sw backlip on that rooftop!

  5. sim Says:

    Such a sick part, best video i’ve bought in a while

  6. shaunie poo Says:


  7. Matt Tiffany Says:

    I agree with elliot, best section ive seen in a while with so much variety. Love the surfing thrown in, you are a true waterman. Keep it up

  8. john Says:

    It helps when your parents own one of the best diving/surfing charters in the world. dude has so much potential outside of this sport

  9. Jeff Mathis Says:

    hahaha come out to big sky in montana over spring break!! heh

  10. Sam Birchenough Says:

    Gotta get pulled by a kite. Ripping!

  11. John Zdeblick Says:

    Collin, if you were serious about that hit me up on FB, we’ll work something out, seriously. Steamboat, CO.

  12. Kyle Says:

    I don’t know why it’s not talked about more, but his method grabbing with the same hand as what’s on the handle is one of the sickest in boardsports, and that method to blind… wow. I’m also noticing that this might be the only vid on this site with nobody hating on it, that should make mr. harrington feel really good about himself.

  13. GH Says:

    I got some hate………. for da haytas

    Way to let your soul be free in the shred universe in this film, thanks Collin


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