Collin Harrington may be best known as a professional wakeboarder, but the guy can handle himself in both the salt and fresh water.  I had a chance to shoot a little wakeboarding with Collin the day before he had ACL surgery and  I decided to give him a call 3 months later to see how the recovery was going and see what he’s been up to

B: What up Collin? Last time we talked you were about to get on a plane to head to Maryland? What was that for?

C: Yeah sorry about that, I was about to get on the plane and couldn’t talk, I was going up there to do some sand shark fishing with my Dad.  We ended up getting the five the first night it was super fun.

B: Night fishing for sharks sounds pretty awesome, where are you now?

C: Back in Orlando now, I’ve been editing some Liquid Force product stuff for like a week straight.  I was out in Cali shooting some of that stuff right after Maryland.

B: How’s the new house in the Hood?

C: The house is coming along, I basically gutted the whole place before I moved in there January.  The house is right on Ruck’s canal and I’m a block from him and Shane. What can I say, the hood is good!

B: Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy even though you can’t ride, always good to have other stuff going on, what kind of stuff have you been filming?

C:  I’ve been doing Liquid Force Films for the last two years now so I’ve done a lot of wake stuff but I’ve also had some cool opportunities to do some diving stuff. A few months back I got to go down to the Bahamas and film tiger sharks underwater for a film a friend of mine was working on.  They just needed another camera angle and someone crazy enough to do it.  It was nerve racking but so much fun.

B: That’s crazy, I actually just saw the Caribbean trip you and surfers did on Fuel TV, my buddy had it Tivo’d, it was such a good episode, how did that whole trip come about?

C:  I’ve had the idea for awhile to get some surfers and some wakeboarders on my Dad’s boat for a while.  I ran it by a few guys at Fuel TV and sure enough it came together. We all the had the time of our live for sure, it’s really cool to see how alike we all are.  We all got along really well.

B:  Haha, I think I heard “trip of our lives” and “best trip ever” like 50 times during that episode, it made me really jealous, that wave at the end looked so fun!

C: Yeah it was  insane we caught it breaking that good, hopefully once I’m all healed up from knee surgery I’ll be able to start traveling a little more and go on some more surf trips.  With wakeboarding and filming taking up all my time the last few years I haven’t been able to surf as much as I used to.  It was all I used to do as a kid. I definitely miss it a ton.

B: I almost forgot about the injury, what’s the deal with that?

C: I was riding one day and went for a switch Heel 5, I kind of landed funny and felt a pop but it didn’t feel or look like much.  No one in the boat believed me when I said I think itore my ACL, it was just such an anti-climatic fall.  I knew it though, I rode a month after that with a CTI brace on and then I went in for surgery in late July.  I’m hoping to get back on the water in December, it seems to be healing fine and hopefully I’ll be healthy by then.

B: So we kind of have this random connection in that our brothers both live in Nicaragua, in the same town, and they surf together all the time. Are we doing something wrong being here in Orlando?

C: (laughs) Yeah I’m pretty jealous of those guys, we both get to make it down there and surf at least once a year so hey, we don’t have it too bad.

B: I agree

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