June 28th, 2013 by Chip Meyer

Arnie Watkins lives on Lake Wylie, NC. He is 16, riding on the Jr. Pro Tour. When he is home he rides boat on Lake Wylie, unless he goes on trips to Hexagon Wake Park. He lived in O’town for a a few months in Florida, riding cable and boat in the winter. He is ridiculously good on trampoline, and his sponsors are Overton’s, Polaroid action cameras, Supra, Liquid Force, and Jetpilot.

18 Responses to “Coming Up: Arnie Watkins”

  1. AB Says:

    first NC res.. ive seen land a double. nice work Arnie!..keep having fun bud!

  2. The other guys Says:

    You did it! Congrats! You got your video on Alliance!

  3. Mark shols Says:

    Can’t believe they actually put this up…

  4. SkySky Martin Says:

    Don’t you have a little brother! ;)

  5. wow Says:

    that was awful

  6. me Says:

    flat spins for daaays

  7. Kyle Says:

    for a 16 year old kid who doesn’t ride cable that often, give him a break. I don’t think too many people on here are dropping double half cabs

  8. heath Says:

    how much did daddy pay for this to go up?

  9. SETx Wake Says:

    Kid deserves every bit of play he’s gettin’ on here. Keep shreddin’ it my man. You are doin’ it right. Haters gonna hate; especially on AllianceWake! Way to hammer out an ending.

  10. Parker Hooten Says:

    Is so funny how discouraging people can be. Its not just on here, its at cable parks and competitions to. Shouldn’t people from the same sport be supportive, not try to make them want to quit? Daddy didn’t pay a penny “Health” because he didn’t even know about this edit. Me and Arnie made it for fun, and I asked for it to go up. Thanks for the thought though, I appreciate it. Sorry yours hasn’t made it up.

  11. Joey Oddis Says:

    Starting off with a low air trick to digger was awesome! Arnie your crushin it bo’! stoked to shred hex with you guys as soon as possible. (nice double!!!)

  12. matt Says:

    go snowboard

  13. That guy Says:

    Wow dude looks like Benny G finally came through for you on the edit!

  14. Greg Says:

    Double roll = AWESOME!!

  15. ohhh Says:

    different colors bindings… man, that’s soooooo cool

  16. patrick Says:

    dude, arnie, fuck all these losers who actually put in time to write such negative comments. i went to hexagon for the first time last week, and man, if i had seen someone dropping BOMBS like those off the kickers, i would have waited until you fell to ride so i didnt miss any of that! foreal, sick! ^and to ohhh, i bet you’ve never ridden hard enough to break a fucking baseplate. go hate on someone your own age

  17. dan g Says:

    well the kid is young and hasnt developed any style yet that comes with age, and watching others, but for a boy he aint bad, although it shouldnt have made it on the site pretty wack that this makes it and not some other dope rail riders edits that are out there.

  18. TheSpangler Says:

    Sick riding little guy and nice double!


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