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The wheels are always turning inside the minds of the Shredtown crew. Andrew Adams takes a moment to complete the sentence and fill us in on the latest happenings in their world. 


The best part about living in Texas in the Winter is… a lot of time to think about whats going under the System 2.0 the upcoming season.


The worst part about living in Texas in the winter is…you have to do interivews like this so people remember you exist…


If I wasn’t wakeboarding I’d probably be the…Slingshot Brand Manager.


Lately I’ve been rocking a lot of…Frank Sinatra and Tommy James and the Shondells.


The next big build at the ranch is a…a crazy turn around obstacle on the System 2.0 out of blue tubes.


The next big Shredtown release will be…our part in “This time around” which is releasing any day now. After that will be an edit full of a blue tubes.


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Andrew Adams riding for the Shredtown part in “this time around” at CWC wake park in the Philippines. This trip was definitely better than his previous overseas experience’s considering he didn’t get robbed or visit the emergency room. Bravo.


Chris and Davis have been…up in Lake Tahoe, CA the past fews weeks so I took a trip up there to snowboard for a few days with them. We all just got back to Texas today so we have been throwing around ideas of what is to come over the next few months…


My morning routine goes a little something like this…wake up, come up with a plan for the day, then either head to the ranch or get in the car and try to find some winchspots.


The last snowboard video I watched was…Videograss’ The Darkside.


My internet search history is currently loaded with…, and Super 8mm tutorial websites.


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Andrew shredding the winter “pow pow” down in Cam Sur.