August 19th, 2011 by jeffmckee

Team Body Glove has been busy taking over the Orlando scene all week as we travel around from one riders house to the next, shooting our 2012 catalog. We started the week out at Harley Cifford’s place and quickly found ourselves in an irresistible situation. Harley was out riding for the 5the time that day while we all “relaxed” at the house, aka snooped around and did a bunch of weird shit that you would never want people to do in your home.


Bob thought it would be good for Harley to do a little wake themed decorating to really let guests know Harley’s passion for the sport, so we found the most colorful rope / handle combo of all and strung it through the house like Christmas lights for the summertime. The only problem we encountered was that when I turned on the fan to get some cool air flowing, the rope wound up tighter and tighter until the electric motor ceased, but hey, that’s why we have air conditioners for back up right!?



We also found an abundance of oversized checks from big events this year that Harley has yet to cash, at least 30K worth. Apparently the pro tour doesn’t know that Harley has changed his name to “Charley,” so we did him a favor and added the “C” at the beginning. An easy fix that will save him “heaps” of trouble when he finally heads to the bank.



Next we decided to check out the fridge where we scored HUGE with a 18 pack of cool Coors light. We figured that since Charley isn’t old enough to drink beer in the US that it must have been mistakenly left by an older person who recently visited. So, like any responsible adult, we took it upon ourselves to consume every last one of them in order to maintain a safe “temptation free” environment for the minor. The only cup we could find that was big enough to hold all 18 beers was his Nationals trophy…



Things got a little weird when we got to the master bathroom, especially after the chain disconnected from the flush handle.



Since the toilet wouldn’t flush Balzer thought it would be smart to remove the door to let the odors disperse until he can get the toilet back in working order…



Charley Has been texting Bob and Balzer very aggressively ever since his door dissapeared, so it’s only fair we give him a hint right?



Red Velvet cake before bed AND a copy of Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” DVD? Now this was too much. I can’t even find words to explain the existence of thee two items in the bedroom of a late teenager. Is he a binge eater? Is he a Belieber? Maybe there was a lady involved? If so, well done my friend. Whatever it takes…
















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