May 9th, 2012 by Submitted

Get to know the Delta Force in this all new series. The first episode stars style master Derek Cook!

Video by Trever Maur

20 Responses to “Delta Force #1: Derek Cook”

  1. theScott Says:

    Hell yeah!

  2. PensNPaper Says:

    Its awesome to see how good Derek has gotten. Does style come with age? I seem to be going in the opposite direction.

  3. Justin Jenkins Says:

    Holy moly! I wanna ride like that.

  4. John Says:

    Yeah, that was dope. That guy has been around for a long time and just gets better and better. Nice work.

  5. jon Says:

    Yup thats really good riding! Good work

  6. AJ Westlund Says:

    Too bad Derek didnt ride in the less than 5 contest. Josh, Randall and Derek. WSR

  7. steveP Says:

    those delta boys are setting a new standard for how tricks should be done! nice riding!!

  9. matt coldren Says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the bs 5 was soooo sickkkk

  10. Mike Ennen Says:

    That was dope Derek!!

  11. The Spangler Says:

    That was sick, like the tail grab tanny to blind!

  12. bman Says:

    back arm goes banana sandwich on that front hand method haha sick style!

  13. Peter Twelker Says:

    Sweet camera angles! Nice job Trever and Derek!

  14. Dylan Says:

    mute into the flats was out of this world! so sick. looked like he poked it in 5 different directions!

  15. WSR BRO Says:

    So clean. West coast style.

  16. James Balzer Says:

    yea Cook that was sick!!

  17. Riley Says:

    I could watch Cook ride all damn day!

  18. Chris O'Shea Says:


  19. Adam Fields Says:

    That melan toeside 3 at 1:05 was super cool!!

  20. ldebbold Says:

    Wow, that was such a sick video. Trever’s production mastery and imagination perfectly showcased Derek’s amazingly stylish riding. Magical riding.


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