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Photo by Chris Moore

By Chris Moore

Winching in North Atlanta was something to be laughed about in the past.  It’s almost been a curse for most locals.  And its not even the fact that the police are ridiculous here, its the lack of usable terrain.  Lately that has been changing for us.  At this point if I am winching you can guarantee Russell Brightwell is involved.  He is the one behind most of the locations being revealed, including this one. This spot was actually one of his and Edgar Perez’s hangouts from when they were kids.  One of those things that just pops in your head, “dude, remember that place we used to hide out at?  Let’s hit that”.

This particular day the crew was Russell, Edgar, Vinny Knapp, my brother Blake Moore and myself.  We ventured out to this “dock” Russell had sent me a few hardly justifying pics of.  I expected the dock to be maybe 30 feet long with an again maybe 2-foot ollie.  Nope. The dock itself is about 60 feet long with an ollie a little under waist high.  The only modification to anything we had to make was cutting down the bushes at the end of the dock.  Vinny and I plowed through them a couple times before cutting them down completely, although Vinny got the worst of it going first.  The whole dock was trexs so it slide perfect except for some sand runoff from the floods.

We went back a few days after when the water had risen a little and built an incline rail.  Russell hit it 3 times before two ladies from the neighborhood association came down checking on the flood damage and asked us not to swim in the water, very cool about everything though.  They were more worried about us getting sick in the water then the fact we were shredding their dock.  Unfortunately for the nice ladies they told us they never go back there and it was a pure coincidence we ran into them.  Overall the location was sick and we will be back.