Fort Myers, FL. Gator Boards is proud to announce the signing of Drew Danielo to the Elite Gator team.

In the past few years, Drew has been a powerful influence to the sport and has shown that he will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.  Drew is one of the best Wake riding wakeskaters in the sport today. With his heavy wake style, Drew’s true talent parallels some of our own elite legends of wakeboarding.

Some of Drew’s best tricks are the nose grab 5 off the double up, wake-to-wake back big spins, wake-to-wake shuv-indy to Benihana, 3-shuv to stalefish.  Added to his numerous other shuv combos, and flip tricks, we’re seeing just the beginning of his insane talent. If you ever have the chance to ride in a boat while Drew is taking a set you will see where Drew stands out from the rest. It is unreal!!! 

‘07 was Drew’s first year riding on tour.  He set his goal to at least make the top 16 at each event, but managed to make the top 8 in all 3. At stop three, he earned his ticket to the Byerly Toe Jam Finals. Drew says, “I was stoked to ride in the finals and to ride against all my friends and watch the level of riding EXPLODE.”

Team manager, Troy Flick, says “To top off Drew’s talent on the wake, Drew is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and it shows in his riding style.  His straight-edge lifestyle compliments a growing population of the Gator team riders.  He’s a perfect fit for our team.”

Drew’s outlook on joining the team is just as positive.  He told Gator, “It meant a lot to me when Gatorboards approached me with a chance to ride and represent them. Growing up where I did in Florida, I heard and knew quite a bit about Gator. And after being in the industry the last few years I have been able to watch Gatorboard grow to what it is today. They’re team is amazing. There is tons of talent here and I am stoked to add mine to the group.  Also seeing Gator and Randall come back the way they did with a new outlook on life it is so inspiring to be able to call these guys Teammates.”

Drew is riding the gator Reaper 42, one of Gatorboard’s new skates out for 08. “I was really nervous about riding a new board after spending two years on a board that rode like nothing I have ever ridden. But after a few sets on the new Reaper, I found myself.  The board is a little wider in the tip and tail and it generates a really good pop. For a larger board (42") it spins and flips like a 40" board but is a lot nicer going wake-to-wake”, stated Drew.

Team Gator is stoked to have the opportunity for Drew Danielo to join the already world renown wakeskate team of Drew McGuckin, Ryan Doyle, Matt Manzari, Steve Campbell, Megan McNeil, and Savannah Barber.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Drew on his recent marriage! 

To find out more about Drew Danielo, check out his blog on the new Gator Boards website at