National Demo Day

April 28, 2012

We can talk all day about clean wakes, perfect pulls and the best ride on the water. But the Malibu vibe is a feeling, not hype, and we are inviting you to experience this thrill on your own. On Saturday, April 28*, in honor of our 30th anniversary, you will have the opportunity to press start, crank the tunes, catch the aroma of our luxurious interior and push the throttle to the boards.

At no charge, get a firsthand experience of the MaliView dash controls, play with the PowerWedge and Auto Pull-Up to see what customizing your ride is all about. Watch the Hi-Flow ballast pumps turn a boat like the VTX from a ski boat to a wakeboarder’s dream in minutes. And most importantly, come out and have fun with us. Summer is too short to miss an opportunity like this, so bring your friends and family and help us show you why Malibu is the best experience on the water.

Malibu’s National Sales Director, Scott Davenport is excited to show off the 2012 line of boats on the water, instead of in a showroom. “For 30 years, our loyal Malibu customers have told us the difference is on the water,” Davenport said. “Our experience is something you can’t fully comprehend unless you’ve tried it yourself. That’s what keeps us motivated. The customer experience is everything to us and we want to share that with as many enthusiasts as possible.”

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