San Diego, Calif. (March 23, 2009) – EPIC Wakeboats, manufacturer of the World’s First Electric Hybrid Sport Boat, announced today the industry’s largest referral incentive program: “THE EPICNOMIC STIMULUS PROGRAM.”

All current and future EPIC 23V owners as well as dealers are eligible to participate in the program. Simply tell anyone about your EPIC 23V and if they purchase one from the factory, EPIC Wakeboats will send you a check in the amount of $10,000.

EPIC Wakeboats Vice President of Sales, Gary Smith said, “The best part of this program is that everyone can do it! If dealers don’t have any flooring or showroom space, this is the ideal program for them. All they have to do is buy one boat from EPIC and make $10,000 for every boat they sell off it!”

In an effort to help jump start the program, EPIC Wakeboats has reduced the price on all 23V 2009 models. Once a boat is purchased, the new owner is then eligible to receive $10,000 for every customer they refer. There’s no referral limit and no constraints on what you can do with the money. All information and registration forms can be found at

EPIC Wakeboats Director of Marketing, Eric Williford said, “At EPIC our mission has always been to improve the lives of those involved in our sport. Our goal is to offer immediate help to dealers, consumers, athletes, and families. There’s no red tape, no fine print, and no three year wait. Refer a friend and if they purchase an EPIC 23V, you get $10,000. It’s that quick and easy.”

About EPIC Wakeboats
Based in San Diego, CA, EPIC Wakeboats is the creator of the 23V with 4,000 lbs of stock ballast, “D.R.O.P.” Zone Wake Enhancing Hull Technology, Resin-Infused All-Composite construction, Dual Rudder “Vector Steer System,” 10-Speaker Transom Audio and many other features. EPIC currently has dealers located nationwide as well as Australia, Canada and Mexico. For more information, please visit