September 9th, 2010 by jeffmckee

Check out Erik Ruck shredding his new Ronix setup

Check out Erik Ruck shredding his new Ronix setup

12 Responses to “Erik Ruck Ripping”

  1. rastafari Says:

    So sick!

  2. Dustin O'Ferrall Says:

    OH MY GOD RUCK!! Killing it! Goin upside down more than once, and grabbin, killin and merkin! I want that board too!!! Im my mind, that shit is trick of tha yeaaaaaaaar!

  3. Dylan Miller Says:

    I’m with Dusty on this shit! I was not expecting that shit. Holly shit tits! so dope!!

  5. TL Nut Says:

    Bill Gutski’s Protege

  6. bumjeezy Says:

    double flips FTW

  7. kaesen suyderhoud Says:

    ohhhhh!!!!! that shit was dope soda!

  8. andrew Says:


  9. ECD Says:

    Sick riding ! Always liked Erics riding but he has the worst music selection in every movie and clips..

  10. steveP Says:

    Rucks new board is so sick! good flex without sacrificing good pop.

  11. Reeder Says:

    yeah RUCK!!!!!!

  12. clark Says:

    Ruck is the man, sick rail angle shots


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