It seems like for every good photo there is a bad photo, and for every bad photo there is a decent photo that just doesn’t find its way off my computer. Looking through some old photos just now I’ve noticed a lot of pictures of “dudes in sunglasses.” Over the last year or so, I’ve had the pleasure of shooting for a certain sunglass company, who wanted cool and fun ideas for their ads. Some of the ideas I tried worked and some them didn’t, but the photos are still worth something.  Here are some of the almost, not quite, kinda cool, just plain stupid ideas and outtakes from my attempts at getting that print worthy photo.

Grubb at the Tire Shop

Grubb wasn’t super excited about the tire idea but we got kicked out of the Garbage Dump earlier that morning. He was actually putting on tires no problem.

Grubb Goes Downtown

Not too exciting, aka He’s just looking at this phone

Three Grubbs should be better than, one but maybe not

Ben the Merman

Ben swimming like a merman?!?!?!! maybe not

Gator Hunting with Henshaw

Swampy the gator is an exciting background, but not that exciting!

Up close with Balzer

Look at that face, okay maybe a little too much Balzer

Balzer and a dreamcatcher is nice, but maybe he could be eating some Cheetos or something

Henshaw the Homeowner

Getting your mail can be exciting, but only if Silas is cutting your yard for you while you get it

Ben’s Bike

It’s just a bike in the water I know, I know

Lawn Ornaments

Eating the hot dog is good, cooking them is even better

Kevin Henshaw

As it turns out, verticals don’t usually work for double page ads, good one to remember.