September 16th, 2011 by jeffmckee

Today we got our first look at the newest cable park in Allen, Texas, Hydrous Wake Park. It will play host to the third and final stop of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown presented by Alliance. The facilities are top notch and the location is unbeatable, right next to the local high school. So far the park is using UNIT obstacles exclusively, including the first round pipe in the world, AND the infamous quarter pipe in their system 2.0 park. The system park has two systems (blacked out of course), and the main cable has 7 unit features total. Did we mention the cable runs clockwise? Also neighboring the cable park is Dallas’ largest concrete skate park, so whether your stoke comes from the water or the wheels, Hydrous has you covered. stay tuned to for all the event updates over the weekend…


Big bowls.

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4 Responses to “First Look: Hydrous Wake Park”

  2. razzledazzle Says:

    Yea Quinn!


    Looks preety cool!

  4. Trey Romine Says:

    sooo stoked to go check it out!


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