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Memory of riding: 8yrs old skateboarding in my parents’ driveway


Wakeboard: Hyperlite Twin BAFF (bad ass flying fish)


Boat: Sea Ray outboard fish&ski model my dad bought when I was young.  It had a ski pylon in back and a trolling motor on front.


The best of both worlds…


Sponsor: CWB way back in the day. Then Neptune and eventually back to CWB.


Car: Nissan truck


Trip to the emergency room: Stitches on my finger when I was about 6


Invert: Tantrum


CD: Cypress Hill, then my dad threw it away


Wake DVD: Natural Born Thrillaz but I had plenty of VHS tapes before that


Magazine appearance: Alliance


Girlfriend: Kirstin Y. in 1st grade


Cable park you ever rode: Texas Ski ranch

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