Memory of riding: My dad holding me in the water and helping me get up on my wakeboard for the first time. 


Wakeboard: Double Up 


Boat: MasterCraft XSTAR


Tony’s 2013 XSTAR has made adjusting to life in the States a bit easier this season

Sponsor: Boost Industries…Company my Dad started when we first got into wakeboarding 


Car: Haven’t gotten the chance to have my first car yet, not to long to go now! 


Trip to the emergency room: In 2006, I got knocked out on a heelside 180 at Darin Shapiro’s house.  I was knocked out face down in the water until the boat got back to me. 


Invert: Back roll 




Wake DVD: Pointless Mixtape 


Magazine appearance: Boarder Magazine 


Girlfriend:  I think I was in 1st grade. We dated for about 10 minutes. Haha 


Trick you start a wake set with: Nose grab crow 5


Impression after your first trip to the states: I flew straight into Orlando and could not believe how many lakes there were! 


Major contest win: Daniel Watkins Pro Wake Contest in Australia. It was my first pro win. 


Roommate in Orlando: Trevor Hansen