June 4th, 2014 by Submitted

1st Final Wakeboard – Daniel Grant

2nd Final Wakeboard – Nico Von Lerchenfeld

3rd Final Wakeboard – Julian Cohen

FISE World Montpellier 2014 went OFF!! All the guys stepped it up this year but it was none other than cable park specialist Daniel Grant taking the number one spot.

Videos from FISE

18 Responses to “FISE 2014 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place runs”

  1. Marc Gela Says:

    Moby dicks are now moby dick 5s and crowmobes are the new ollie 540s. You heard it here first!

  2. wait what Says:

    How was that a mody dick 5? he came in heelside and landed heelside. Aint that a 3?

  3. craig mcmorris Says:

    who gave these idiots mics? they shouldnt be announcing a damn thing. EHH MEE GERRD DANNY BOI MOBY DICCCCCC 540.

  4. WHHuh? Says:

    Did they seriously call Julians first hit a “Barrel Roll”? also looks like he got robbed, his second run was way smoother than “danny bois”

  5. Pete Says:

    Someone got robbed!

  6. julian cohen Says:

    hey man.. i just realized i got robbed

  7. OWC guy Says:

    Julian got robbed forsure.
    Clean HS 9
    Back lip to backside 270 off wallride
    Backside 450 transfer (INSANE!!!)
    Toeside 270 transfer.

    Solid run, that hs 9 beats a crow mobe anyday, and julians rails were better than anyones.

  8. David Grant Says:

    The videos are a mis-leading as they were head to heads, so it was Nico Vs Daniel for 1st and second and Julian as versus BP for 3rd and 4th.

  9. Pete Says:

    They took Julian’s run that lost against Daniel in the head to head. So it is not misleading. Juliann got robbed!

  10. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    my favorite maneuver was the railenhausen-krackenschticken

  11. David Says:

    Julien’s run is the run against Daniels head to head ( Daniels run against Julien is not up) the difference between Daniels head to head run against Nico and julien was instead
    Danny did a wrap 7 instead of moby dick. And instead of wrap 9 Danny did a stail to method grab (sketched out landing)
    Also his wall ride hit wasn’t a back board to switch front board 90 out. It was just a back lip. ROBBED!

  12. Bobby Srinkapaibulaya Says:

    hey guys,
    and to all you skeptics out there:

    1. Julians vdo was a heat before the final and NOT the final.

    2. its a little mis-leading as DG’s run in the video was not his run against Julian, it was against Nico. and even with the sketch set up for the wrapped 9 on his second run it was a cleaner run.

    3. i understand the dual between daniel and julian was close but the run you all THOUGHT YOU saw against julian was infact a dual between him and nico.

  13. Bobby Srinkapaibulaya Says:

    just to clarify, all the videos are from different heats thats all, so it gets a little misleading….:)

  14. Yankmeister Winch Says:

    what about that drop at the end of the run tho?

  15. Ian Smith Says:

    hahaha goo Julian! I’m thinking this will be a good year for Jobe ;)

  16. shred til dead Says:

    hahaha those announcers were hilarious! Just making shit up as they went along

  17. Wheels Says:

    What a joke. The commentators, and more importantly the judges are a bunch of F’ing IDIOTS! Really, Julian got third? He ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED the 1st and 2nd place runs. I used to think that FISE was a legit event, but no more. Their panel of judges is completely moronic. Based on the results, you would think that the commentators judged the event too.

    How in the world did Daniel’s or Nico’s runs even begin to touch Julian’s smackdown?

    They don’t even begin to compare.

    F*&# FISE!!!!

  18. Wheels Says:

    Why post a “1st, 2nd, and 3rd place” videos when they didn’t actually compete against each other. Better yet, why in the world would event organizers not give the top four all a chance at the title.

    Julian clearly demonstrated that neither the guy who placed first or second deserved to the honors. But that he did. By a long shot.


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