We’re here with pro wakeboarders Robbie Rendo, Louise Moore and Melissa Marquardt. Five questions for them: 1.) Who is more attractive — Tony or Travis? MM: Can you put someone’s face on someone else’s body? 2.) Who would you rather do battle with, Superman or Batman? LM: Batman, you don’t see Batman picking up big buildings. 3.) If you had to survive on an island would you picck me or Tony? RR: Tony, because I know him and I would feel safer. MM: Tony is smart, but you’d be more fun to hang out with. 4.) Carpet or drywall, which would you rather do as a profession? RR: I would say carpet because I am short. MM: I would say drywall because then when you punch holes in your house you could fix it yourself. 5.) What scares you more, sharks, snakes, trains or really heavy winds? RR: Men.