Oh…sweet, sweet cords of information. A few weekends ago Josh McWilliams, my buddy Chris and I decided that we would give this whole gaming on the information super highway thing a try. It was standard Saturday night, in the city. The beasts at the door clawed and beckoned for us to come out. Josh, sporting his new jelly-o earrings stands up and screeches “Leave us alone!!!”, we all knew we had some video gaming to do. I have played some video games in my day, not too much though. Josh plays rather infrequently also, but Chris…oh….he knows it all when it came to setting up the Xbox Live. I have always been intrigued by online gaming, how it worked, what it was like, if it was some super cool thing I didn’t even know about. Most fetching about this notion was the people, I have to admit, I wanted to know who was on the other end of the headset. We met some interesting characters to say the least. Names such as King Big Rig and Pubes008 were definitely gaming hard on a Saturday night at 2 am. So the next time you are online hit us up with some messages and we can have a little chat, talk about your day, how you’ve been, and what type of scroll weapon is used to slay the condor in stage five when you have no more missles left. Our screen name is Phil T McNasty. We might be around some lonely Saturday night.