As we head into 2010, here are three of my favorite galleries/stories from 2009. It was another awesome year in the worlds of wakeboarding and wakeskating and it’s fun to look back at some of these things. But I’m already looking forward to bringing you guys the stories and images from everything next year.

A Trip to the Mine Key

The trip to Mine Key Lake with team CWB had to be one of the funnier weekends of the year for me (and pretty much everybody else involved). It was like we were trapped in a Dumber, Dumber and Dumberest movie script or something. U-turns, missed phone calls, mass confusion, and little riding were the norm; but once we got things sorted out the riding and conditions were epic. Read the whole story here.

NorCal Newness

I always have fun when I get to go back home and shoot on the waterways I grew up on. This particular trip I got to meet up with some old Nor-Cal friends (Schwenne and Cook), a Florida friend who was in town visiting (Adam Fields), and some new Nor-Cal friends (Josh Twelker and Trever Mauer). The conditions were perfect Indian Summer style, but after riding in the tube so much over four days it took me a while before I could walk right again. In the end, it was more than worth it. Read the full story here.

The Death of Freeriding Roundtable Discussion Continued

The Alliance Roundtable Discussion on the death of freeriding is one of my favorite articles I’ve done for the magazine. The riders were so engaged and spirited in their discussions that we went way longer than expected, and subsequently had to run the “extras” from the roundtable on the website. If you haven’t had the chance I highly encourage you to find the September ’09 issue of Alliance and read the article and be sure to read the rest here.