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Jade Whirley finds a railroad bridge to winch in the backwoods of Northern Michigan near Tommy’s in Walloon Lake, Michigan.

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45 Responses to “Get Railed with Jade Whirley”

  1. pleaseno Says:

    omg this has to be the worst thing in the history of the sport. if anyone reads this comment before they watch the video please do not click play. i repeat this will ruin your day.

  2. thegrinch Says:

    @pleaseno I have to agree… Alliance I know it is winter and all but is there really not any better content to put up on the site besides this POS?

  3. hello Says:

    This isnt wakeboarding, this isnt winching, this is what a 12 year old does in their backyard after school… hopefully within no one around within 100 miles.

  4. M ace Says:

    This is kind of ridiculous..

  5. shredready Says:

    Facebook has more credibility than Alliance at this point and the special olympics has more credibility than jade whirley right now.

  6. joe Says:

    not gunna lie this is makes wakeboarding look like shit and why snowboarders laugh, cause some of the dumb stuff u see like this

  7. John Says:

    jade is ruining the sport of wakeboarding with these half ass edits that no one cares about. theres a reason every place fires him

  8. Bob Says:

    All you losers suck . Its wakeboarding and it’s supposed to be fun. If you didn’t like the video , who cares. No one wants to hear you whine like a little girl who doesn’t like her school outfit.
    Make your own videos and get them posted

  9. shred til dead Says:

    Jade has more fun and shreds harder than all of you internet gangsters talking shit

  10. bob who? Says:

    Who wants to bet that Bob is really just jade whiry trying to have one guy on his side

  11. garbage Says:

    that was horrible. just stop.

  12. Nope Says:

    Wow… that was pretty awful…

  13. Jade Whirley Says:

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! Remember not every video is en epic collage of wakeboarding greatness. We made this video to promote the local shop and local photo/video guys. It’s all about FUN!!! Don’t forget why we all do this!!!

  14. Pete Says:

    I don’t know the last time any of you TOOK AN ENTIRE day to load up the winch, charge up the cameras, pack up the trucks, load an obstacle, put it in the water, set it up try and hit it, try and do something fun. Then take everything down, bring it all back home and then try and make a video out of it. It takes A LO!. A lot more than walking down to the local cable and filming you super gnarly insanely awesome up and coming stupid ripper buddy hit a bunch of obstacles that have been filmed over and over again. I would rather stab myself in the eye rather than watch another f@$cking cable edit. Have any of you hater even been pulled by a winch (pulls you downward) and tried to hit something really steep like this? Its harder than you may think.

  15. boomsmack Says:

    the edit may have sucked but I thought it was cool and at least different than just a normal cable park so I liked it

  16. boomsmack Says:

    if he woulda done a flip off of that rail it would have been really cool. like an indy tantrum

  17. Brian Says:

    You guys commenting acting like this is shit are a bunch of senseless assholes. I imagine your the ones who instead of supporting people at your local cable are the stuck up mother fuckers who just let everyone know how bad they are compared to your “amazing” wake boarding skills. If you guys want this sport to progress fuck off with the negativity. Wake boarding is about fun and if you can’t see that then you don’t deserve to ride.

  18. Austin Says:

    This video is great! I don’t care who you are. If you felt the need to bash on the video then so be it. Just know that wakeboarding is fun and something that can be really cool when you have put in the time. Jade has put in countless hours and days working on being very technical in everything he does. He has done just that in this video…He hits the rail with no zeach, extremely difficult to do and gets technical off the rail (poking grabs and waiting to get off the rail to spin). If you have not wakeboarded extensively you may not know what to look for and just want to see someone spin for days on a rail (someone doing a 1080 on a rail is not cool).

    Overall this video did what it was meant to do, be creative. This team put in the work to make this video and I strongly believe they did a great job. It’s fine if you think otherwise, I just urge you not to put something just downright nasty in the comments. Try putting something that is more along the lines of constructive criticism.

    Thank you to Jade and his crew for putting this video together and for being creative with the sport. Love to see the passion y’all have for it and looking forward to the next video!

  19. Speed Says:

    wow, one side is just Hating the shit out of the video and the other is frothing over it, just all agree its shit and shouldn’t have been put on Alliance.

  20. Bradey Price Says:

    I love that this site still has no one signing in to facebook to comment. Like the Jade whirly comment, I don’t even believe its him. We all got facebook… sign in to talk some shit? Allow the person who is most likely better and having more fun then you are, to talk some shit on your shit on your photos or videos…
    In the end this was preeeetttttttyyyyyy wack…and pretty shitty risk reward ratio here. Like you could get really fucked up on that up rail for a pretty gay video.

  21. Haters Says:

    Got hate in your heart let it out!!

  22. James Balzer Says:

    man i miss u Bradey

  23. Brosef Says:

    The problem is Jade prancing around like a big name pro, and putting out this as “just fun”. If wakeboarding is your job, put some effort into shooting and riding. If this was an am hour itd be sick. But it’s not. Its a self proclaimed pro rider putting out a web edit. And submitting it to Alliance. Submitting to Alliance isn’t “just havin some fun”. If he didn’t talk the talk so much we wouldn’t expect him to walk the walk

  24. nice Says:

    brosef just nailed it *slow applause*

  25. shredder Says:

    Jade…jade…jade… you have dont it again. “Pro riders” are supposed to progress the sport not ride like the early 2000s…

  26. hahaha Says:

    @Brosef – First off, a “pro rider” is someone who makes a living off wakeboarding and Jade doesnt, therefore… Second, it is NOT ok to be putting out shit edits like this and get away with it without getting completely ripped by the whole industry… Our sport is never going to get anywhere if we all have the “oh ya, its just for fun” attitude. Its about pushing the sport in a new direction. And if you make another one of these edits please keep it on facebook but even that is a bit embarrassing.

  27. Truth Says:

    The premise that somebody can’t have an opinion without their own “better” video is ridiculous. So somebody can’t say that a song sucks without having produced a better song themselves? I don’t hear music artists take to the internet and cry, “Well, where’s your album huh?!” Get over it. This video was lame and that’s the majority opinion. It’s not hate, it’s reality. It’s great that you had a “unique” idea but that doesn’t mean that everybody enjoyed it. Being different for the sake of being different doesn’t mean that it’s cool.

  28. tombstone Says:

    The real problem here is that Alliance put this video up… Obviously if Jade wants to go out with friends and ride and document it that is completely ok… But the fact that Alliance who is supposed to filter out the shit content and only put up the stuff that represents our sport in the best light is just straight fucked up. ALLIANCE. SHAME. ON. YOU.

  29. Justin Bullard Says:

    I think all you guys who are bitching about this video are the reason other board sports don’t take us seriously. All these so called “wake fans” just want to see the next big trick. What so wrong with appreciating wakeboarding for what it is? I still LOVE BS 180s! I love them. It’s basic. Everyone can do or learn it. But every one of them is different and awesome. I would rather see Danny Harf do just that, in a whole edit, than see one 1260. Cause I think they look WAY better. Cause I love wakeboarding. I love watching any kind of wakeboarding. There are no rules in wakeboarding! Alliance is a wakeboarding magazine. They promote WAKEBOARDING! I support that! Our sport is too small to compare it to any others. If they only shown video of double flips and 1260s. They couldn’t even fill the magazine. I am tired of that hucked crap anyway. It makes us look like kooks. What do you want from these people? Pro riders do this for the love of the sport (Or should) They don’t make enough money to cover the long term effects on their bodies. I know that for a fact. So take it easy. Not everyone that goes out can have amazing red ray cameras and editing talents like Sean Kiligus. Not every edit has to have a hammer. I know for a fact Jade Whirley wakeboards and snowboards better than me and probably anyone else commenting on here. So on behave of true wakeboarders and fans of wakeboarding if it’s not constructive criticism than save it ESPN radio. If you are Running down wakeboarding, Alliance, Jade, or this video… then your running down all of us and your running down yourselves.

  30. Justin H. Says:

    “If you are Running down wakeboarding, Alliance, Jade, or this video… then your running down all of us and your running down yourselves.”

    Very well said.

    Negativity cannot create anything positive.

  31. Disappointed Says:

    That is a completely ridiculous argument. The hate in the alliance comments is brining down the sport? Who in the world from other board sport communities is watching, much less reading the comments on these videos. If you want respect do cool shit and put your body on the line. Could you imagine if transworld snow
    put a video like this on their website? The amount of hatred that would come from that would make you pussies cry harder than you already are.

  32. Justin H. Says:

    Hate does bring down a sport. If it keeps joe-blo from submitting a video to Alliance or Alliance goes several days without any new content because no submitted footage was deemed worthy–Is that making the sport better? Good vibes will grow the sport without a doubt–All of that “right direction” crap needs to die because it excludes people.

    I couldn’t give a damn if snowboarders treat each other sh*tty. It is something wakeboarders shouldn’t do. It is all good and fine to watch a skate/snowboard/surf film for inspiration, but to care what the “board industry'” thinks only makes us look like a bunch of punks seeking the recognition of a cooler older brother.

  33. Brosef Says:

    Check out some of his recent FB posts…self proclaimed “pro”. This is at the level of a 1st year snowboarder in his backyard…wouldnt be submitted, and wouldnt be published on any site…maybe hookit. If noone is willing to say “Im sorry, this isn’t really at the level that we’re trying to promote on this site” then you’ll get cover shots like Adam Erringtons infamous broken at the waist zeach on a 2 foot wide rooftop. The problem is that the industry is stuck back in the 90s where they all came from. What our sport needs is people in charge of publishing content, the photogs, the video guys , the RIDERS to keep it legit. If the rider is too full of himself to realize that he needs some work…the photog and video guys don’t know the differnece or just dont wana say anything…and the editors and site content managers don’t say anything…what stops anything from being displayed as “this is our sport”? Nothing. Negative comments come from Alliance, the “premier” wake site promoting this…when yea, probably 60% of the people commenting could ride, shoot, and edit better than this. If only the guys at wake zeach had more time to call out everyone instead of just the big name guys. Being paid and sponsored shouldnt depend on how much fun you have. Good vibes doesnt equal salary. Why arent we all getting paid then? At some point, someone will have to set a standard and stick to it. I dont think Jade would last a week.

  34. Brosef Says:

    The guys that are mad about the “negative vibes” are the ones who arent any better and see this as something they relate to. Those of us who are a little upset that this is getting pushed in Unleashed wake (full pages) and here on Alliance…we can all do a lot better than this. A lot of us HAVE . And don’t talk half as much as jade. We see it everyday at the cable and in our local scenes, kids killing it that never get half the exposure that this clown does. Its the industry, and someone needs to start mking the change.

  35. hell ya Says:


  36. rayfink Says:

    quit hating on jade, he’s ego will get too big

  37. Jojo Says:

    Wow, wakeboarding community in USA looks to suck so much.

    Hadn’t seen so much haters before.

    Stop hating an being upset about everything you don’t like, just ride and have fun, and above all stop thinking that you are a kind of “wakeboarding god/expert” who knows exactly what is the stupid “direction where wakeboarding should go.

  38. elvis Says:

    I find it funny that the negativity always stirs up the comment “this doesn’t belong on alliance”, or “alliance shouldn’t have posted this”. I think that Alliance is what it is, and they’ve been posting videos like this for years. Seems to be working great for them, even the haters keep coming back. If you don’t like the edits you’re seeing, then quit visiting the site. Take your support to a site that makes edits that meet your standards. Or how about have something to contribute for a change. If there’s anything that doesn’t belong on alliance it’s your negative comments.

  39. Kyle Woehler Says:

    Congrats Jade on a sick edit, and the most comments on a vid this year!

    I was pretty sure that the mass majority of wakeboarders out there were pretty cool people until the last couple years of comments on this site. Now I’m pretty sure that this sport has way too many wannabe badass riders that are actually a bunch of scared in the box thinking dumbasses, that can’t comprehend someone doing something different and creative. Not every piece of art is a masterpiece, but that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t appreciate it for the creativity, and effort put into it.
    If you’re so worried about legit edits, then make one. I’d say 60% of the people commenting on this couldn’t even get to the ‘i have an idea’ phase of this edit, much less actually get out with a crew and fucking do it.
    Wakeboarding has so few riders making a living off the sport, and almost none that didn’t have a massive investment from wealthy parents, that it’s more elite than playing in the NFL. ‘Pro’ has a very diverse meaning in action sports, especially the small, obscure ones like wakeboarding. If you are a signed rider that couldn’t compete as an amateur what does that make you?
    If you’re blasting Jade’s talents on a board, then you definitely haven’t ever seen him ride in person. And if you’re blasting his credentials as a pro you have no idea what he’s gone through to get to where he’s at, and you really need to get involved in a different activity, cuz there isn’t any reason to bring such a ridiculous point of view to this tiny, shittily funded sport.
    Notice how pretty much all the hate comes from people hiding their names? Again, Alliance needs a comment moderator, or they just need to make everyone sign in with Facebook. I bet you’ll get a lot less hate, or it will at least be somewhat justified. If you have a problem with what I’m saying, you know who I am, how to get a hold of me, and I encourage you to do so.

  40. Justin Harrelson Says:

    Kyle, I agree on all points.

  41. hell ya Says:

    Kyle Woehler — just because you do something different doesn’t mean that it’s cool or fun to watch. Dock starts and pole jams have been around since the beginning of time therefore nothing in this entire edit is anything new… I think the majority of haters on this site are trying to explain that all of this could have been eliminated if Jade just wouldn’t have strapped in that day…

  42. Kyle Woehler Says:

    When was the last time you saw someone hit a railroad track? You saying he shouldn’t of ridden that day is the exact problem with all the negativity. If this less than 2 minute edit offends you that much then you shouldn’t be involved in this sport in any way.

  43. Alex Bingham Says:

    If you have ever had the privielge to have at least one conversation with this guy you would realize he is not in this sport to please all you guy who just watch videos on here. He is in this sport to have fun and do what he loves. Thank you for sticking to who you are Jade and kicking ass while doing it. My favorite saying “Don’t forget why we all do this!!!” -Jade Whirley

  45. Mikey B. Says:

    Jade’s postive attitude towards wakeboarding is the reason I and so many like me have grown to turn wakeboarding into a passion and lifestyle. You may not always have the perfect set up for flipping or doing bs 450s off of but you make the best of what you have and most importantly you have fun. That’s what he is great at and stuff like this sets him aside from the die hard boat rider and cable rats. Shred the gnar Jade, tight edit love the location.


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