March 17th, 2014 by alliance

Tom Fooshee, Collin Harrington, James Windsor and Brad Smeele travel all the way to the world famous Al Forsan cable park in Abu Dhabi just to ruin the place. Shot with a GoPro Hero3+.

5 Responses to “GoPro Laps at Al Forsan – Abu Dhabi”

  1. bro Says:

    LOL at the rail riding from tom collin and brad…and these rails are like 3 feet wide…up close and slomo makes it even worse than usual…

  2. BRO'SMOM Says:

    bro….your mom’s gap is 3 feet wide.

  3. saweet Says:

    love the go under angles from the kickers. too much slo mo can def bring down an edit tho

  4. Damn Son Says:

    The double at end was nice – and the angle was sick! Nice work Smeeleeleelee!

  5. lonnie Says:

    that made wake boarding look easy and boring


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