Brian Grubb added to his legacy as the world’s winningest wakeskater by claiming the 2007 Byerly Toe Jam Tour overall championship and with the crown a new Sea-Doo® WAKE™ watercraft. Red Bull rider Grubb bettered 15 of the world’s best wakeskaters in a test of all four disciplines of wakeskating, to claim his fourth national tour overall victory. The new 2008 Sea-Doo WAKE – with industry’s first personal watercraft ballast system – made its public debut during the Rail Park portion at East Orlando’s “The Projects”.
The Rail Park saw a host of young riders showcase their skills and give a glimpse into what the future holds for the sport. Team Nike 6.0 riders Nick Taylor and Ben Horan – both still in high school – made it to the head-to-head final ahead of veterans Grubb and Brandon Thomas. Horan took the Rail Park win by filling his allotted five minutes with what many said to be the best competition run to date with grinds and wake tricks never seen before behind a personal watercraft.
Toe Jam Stop #4 at The Projects was the first competition behind the new 2008 Sea Doo WAKE watercraft and its new 200-lb ballast system. The new design was said to make a world of difference to the world’s best wakeskaters. “It made a huge difference” said Horan. “I could do tricks behind (the new Sea-Doo WAKE) that I could only do behind a boat before. I can’t wait to ride behind it more. It’s really fun.”
The 2008 season looks to be record setting year in the world of wakeskating as perennial champion Grubb will face his toughest competition yet and the on-water possibilities have been expanded with the addition of the new Sea Doo WAKE watercraft into the mix.

For more information on the new 155 horsepower or the 215 horsepower 2008 Sea-Doo WAKE – the only watercraft specifically designed for wake sports visit your closest authorized Sea-Doo watercraft dealer or www.sea   

2007 Byerly Toe Jam Champions
Wake – Brian Grubb
Rail Park – Ben Horan
Winch – Clint Tompkins (270 to switch front board)
Cable – Reed Hansen
Overall – Brian Grubb