June 8th, 2012 by Josh McWilliams

AVE and MasterCraft are busy putting the final touches on the XSTAR documentary, Harley and the rest of the MasterCraft team are keeping everyone busy in the editing room. Look for the 2012 MasterCraft XSTAR documentary to be dropping soon.

34 Responses to “Harley Clifford XSTAR Documentary Home Stretch”

  1. John Says:

    Wow. He spun 9 on that crow mobe. Unbelievable.

  2. Sim Says:

    He doesn’t really get inverted on the front flip, watched it a few times and it looks more like an off-axis 1260 to me?
    There are three and a half spins, that is insane!

  3. Focker Says:

    Oh. My. God. Harley Clifford is officially the Shaun White of wakeboarding. Sit down.

  4. AB Says:

    have always questioned whether its an OA or straight Crow style trick when Harley does them .. but either way…he does 1260 degrees worth of rotating ….Clifford just part of that next level of riders..plus gotta give prompts to Mastercraft…LOOK AT THAT WAKE!

  5. Justin Harrelson Says:

    Oh yeah, Holy Crap!

    It is definately a Crow 9. You have to realize that when your are doing one rotation over the top and 2.5 around the body the axi are going to overlap and sometimes work against each other.

    This isn’t trickskiing. He won’t get a deduction because it wasn’t inverted enough.

  6. Rusty Manoff Says:

    Sick trick…Not to mention he did it WAKE to WAKE! Insane!

  7. Patrick Wieland Says:

    Dont forget the Double Tantrum and 1080 in there….

  8. dmnd Says:

    Best 40 seconds on the internet…right here.

    Seriously amazing on so many levels. That #AVE beat is so nasty too….sick edit and unreal progression!!!

  9. Hunter Musgrove Says:

    best under 1 min riding ever?

  10. Martin Veluzat Says:

    Legend definitely the best word for describe him

  11. MichaelGator Boone Says:

    crow 9 for sure…this kid is ridiculous

  12. Jerry Sandusky Says:

    Disclaimer- I know how amazing harley is and how terrible I am , but having said that, speaking as a viewer. I always think its cooler to watch people like Jimmy Lariche Scott Stewart and Randall Harris ride rather than Harley. I know how talented he is and how they dont even attempt some of the tricks that he stomps, but something about their riding is bigger and more stylish rather than the same spin or crow over and over and over. I know you all are going to hate on me but I just wanted to see if anyone understands what im getting at

  13. skeeter Says:

    ^^^^ HAHA Harley is going huge dipshit. Did you think he wasnt riding big to pull off a double tantrum??!!?

  14. Adam Levitt Says:

    To Jerry Sandusky
    You’re a retard.
    End of story.

  15. Wesley Powers Says:

    Seriously .. Obviously no one goes that big …or y aren’t they doing the same tricks

  16. Justin Fletcher Says:

    everyone forgot the nosegrab.

  17. Name (required) Says:

    Uh hold up what???

  18. FlipDSK Says:

    Who cares if it was a mobe or a 1260 it was sick and off the wake. Harley is nasty and I prefer style over hucks any day but he is really starting to combine the two. These new boats are gonna change the game. What’s next?

  19. Rick Taurel Says:

    Sick Sick Sick, I enjoy Harley’s riding just as much as the Free-riders!

    Music request? Anyone know the name of the track?

  20. boom? Says:

    I agree with Jerry. less is more. Its just another 180 at the end, I’m sure we will see a 1440 someday, but is it needed?

  21. Ted Says:

    Boom? You are an idiot. Without people pushing the sport like Harley it would become stale. Progression is needed for the sport to grow, and to grab the attention and inspire the next generation of riders coming through. I garauntee that if you asked Harley who his favourite rider was when he was a kid he would tell you it was a rider like parks, someone who at the time was pushing the boundaries of the sport. The young kids don’t care about style and grabs, they love whoever is blowing up the comp scene or the rider who is doing the craziest flips and spins. Your being foolish to say progression is not needed, the industry would dwindle away, boards wouldn’t evolve, boat companies wouldn’t be trying to make boats with bigger wakes. All the equipment technologies you take for granted wouldn’t exist if there was no progression. Maybe you should take a step back and think about the bigger picture?

  22. Josh Robinson Says:

    “The young kids don’t care about style and grabs, they love whoever is blowing up the comp scene or the rider who is doing the craziest flips and spins.”


    Anyway, kudos Harley, that was ridiculous.

  23. Thomas Horrell Says:

    Best wake rider ever

  24. Fedor Ivanushkin Says:

    HARLEY is the BEAST. And this kid is doing the BIG stuff with STYLE.

    Anyone knows the song?

  25. hmmm Says:

    i’ll call it a corked 1260 if thats ok

  26. Tim Says:

    As with other videos when people ask the song I would just say google the lyrics but this sounds like its either pretty lights or big gigantic.

    Huge props to Harley.

  27. Vinny Armentano Says:

    Can’t stop watching this, the background track is awesome as well. Love this video.

  28. Taylor Hastings Says:

    Harley Clifford = UNBELIEVABLE

    UNBELIEVABLE = w2w double tantrum + w2w 1080 + crow 9 + ts bs 180 2 revert + rad style .

  29. Joe Paterno Says:


    Sorry everyone, Jerry has a thing for boys and gymnastics…and Pizza Hut…and T.I….

  30. Gavin Prunty Says:

    What is the backround tune?

  31. Keith Lidberg Says:

    He should have gotten trick of the year with his nose grab mobe 7, still the sickest trick in my opinion ever done on a wakeboard….now a nose grab crow 7, if this kid does not get trick of the year i tattoo “Harley Clifford” on my face!

  32. kahorn Says:

    That wake is ridiculous. Harley killed it

  33. Ian Says:

    Hahaha holdin ya to it Keith! I hope he does..

  34. Clark Says:

    what ever the heck that kids eating, i need some of it! This kid is insane.

    also, whats the song in the background??


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